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Health Insurance California Quote Question & Answers

2013 December 15
by Sarah Fields

Lisa asks…

how do i get individual health insurance quotes for southern California?

i am soon shifting to southern California.
how can i know if my if insurance will skyrocket or stay more or less the same so i know if getting it is justified or not.

also where can i get quotes for it?

Sarah Fields answers:

You can get insurance quotes online from various sites.

And insurance i think will remain more or less the same because the insurance companies are nationwide, they have to take in consideration the claims of throughout usa, to be able to justify insurance premiums.

You don’t need to think much about it.

Betty asks…

Why would health insurance rates vary from state to state?

I live in the mid-west and did a quote for a plan here. Then I did the same quote for another state I used to live in and the prices were very different. Same plan – different state….what give?

Sarah Fields answers:

Insurance Biz is correct. It also depends on the amount of people in the state that makes up the “pool”. California and Texas have more population and that can bring down the costs as well.

Linda asks…

Should the Federal Government provide Universal Car Insurance?

I just had a thought. Since many want the government to provide health insurance to those who cannot afford or will not purchase it, shouldn’t the government extend it’s insurance business to automobile liability insurance?

Supporters say it’s heartless and inhumane not to offer health insurance to those who cannot afford it, but isn’t it so with car insurance as well? How many people are not able to drive to work because they afford insurance? How many illegal aliens are driving around uninsured because they don’t have universal car insurance? What happens if they causse an accident and have no insurance? Isn’t it the same thing?

Sarah Fields answers:

Some states get involved to help people get insurance who otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Here in California, as I’m sure elsewhere, between 1/3 and 1/4 of all drivers don’t have insurance. This is even though you can’t renew your driver’s license or your car registration without proving that you have insurance.

One plan that’s been suggested is to put a 10-cent tax per gallon on gas, and this would give everyone a minimum liability coverage. If you wanted more coverage, or collision or comprehensive, you could buy it, but it would be cheaper because you wouldn’t need ‘uninsured motorist’ protection. The article I read about this showed how this system would actually be better for everyone! It also suggested that visitors to the state who had their own insurance could keep track of their gas purchases and apply for a refund when they left (but I doubt many people would do that).

Health insurance is different from car insurance, though. When 45 million Americans simply can’t afford health insurance, it’s time for the govt. To step in. The comparison to car insurance is not a good one.

I am diabetic and my wife has a kidney transplant, and we are both middle-aged. If we had to buy our own insurance we simply couldn’t afford it. If one of us didn’t have a job that carried insurance, we would have to go on welfare because our insurance would cost most of what we make! We have gotten quotes as high as $4500/mo. For both of us. Maybe you think we just don’t -deserve- insurance.

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