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Health Insurance California Quote Question & Answers

2014 March 14
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

What medical insurance very low price so that I can afford? I’m 29 years old getting divorce when the ?

divorce is finalize I will have to get my own insurance…on the top of that i dont have a job yet..but no kids brw I’m living in California. Your comments/suggestion I would so much appreciate it. Thanks

Ps I had endoscopy and colonoscopy 3 years ago seems like just inflammation but I’m taking pills for it & I have asthma those things could increase my insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

Your medical history may make it hard for you to qualify for a health insurance plan on your own. I’d recommend that you talk with a licensed agent, however. It doesn’t cost anything extra and an agent can help you understand which insurance carriers – if any – are more likely to accept you. In the meantime, if you want to look at what individual coverage may cost in your area, you can get free health insurance quotes from a licensed agent online. Keep in mind, however, that even if you were approved those rates may be subject to increase due to your medical history.

Given your pre-existing conditions, your best option is to find a job that offers medical coverage. You can’t be turned down for employer-based coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition.

If that doesn’t work, you may have government-sponsored options too. Contact the non-profit Foundation for Health Coverage Education at You may qualify for MediCal or another state program.

Best wishes.

Sandra asks…

Why are some people so adamant that having ONLY private medical insurance is best?

What do you think?

This is a quote from the following article:
“In addition, under the settlement, Health Net agreed to halt employee bonuses that were based in part on how many rescissions they performed.”

And here’s the article, with other reputable links inside:

“Anthem Blue Cross Announces Settlements With California Insurance Department Over Rescinded Health Insurance Policies; Health Net Announces Settlement”

Sarah Fields answers:

Private healthcare insurance sucks! It’s one of the biggest scams every foisted on the American public (and that’s saying something!)

Sandy asks…

What would the premiums cost for government health insurance?

How much will people have to pay to be covered by Obama care? Are there estimates? Do many people believe it will be free? It’s good to know the price of things before you buy them.
г๏๓คгє (read “buy” as vote for)

Sarah Fields answers:

That is a good question. A whole lot of people are going to be disappointed when they find out they they will be forced to buy health insurance otherwise facing a fine. I don’t really see how that is reform. People can choose to go out and buy insurance now, so what is the advantage? And how will costs be controlled? In some states, like California where I live, auto insurance is mandatory. Instead of decreasing costs, providers charge more, as anyone who has taken their car in for collision damage sees when comparing payed for by insurance vs. Out of pocket for the same work (my truck, for example, was quoted as costing $1300 to $1500 to take out a dent while out of pocket it would only be $600).

If anything, Obama and Congress are legislating a massive “gimmie” to the insurance companies. In the end, I think they are really going to mess up the system so badly that people will be begging for a single payer system in a few years. That is horrible, as the 80% of us that are happy with our health care will be screwed over being forced into an inferior system.

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