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Health Insurance California Quote Question & Answers

2015 August 29
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

Is there a software available that well allow prospects to quote auto,home,life,or disability on your website?

I want to open my own insurance agency but I’m having trouble find 1 vendor that does all four. Also, is there a comparative rater that does all four?

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on exactly who your planning on contracting with.

Example: Hartford Life requires you to be appointed with them unless you can get a Monarch Contract with them and your Agency.

Many of the insurance carriers will have their own quote engines, such as Aetna’s is online, HumanaOne is online, Celtic can be downloaded but is only for Windows XP, Kaiser has rate sheets, PacifiCare is online only, BlueSheild is online only, etc.

Many of the health insurance carriers do not make a down loadable quote engine, one that does is Assurant. But their plans are not all that competitive here in California.

All Property & Causality places will either give you a quote engine or require it online.

Disability is typically an online quote as well.

I can’t honestly think of just one program that will quote all those things, normally its subjecgated into areas, health, life, auto & home, disability.

If your looking to post it on a website and have the prospect create a quote for themselves, use Norvax. Their a good company and will help you set everything up.

For massive quoting of life, I would recommend WinFlex. Allows you to upload appointed carrier information into one quoting software and quote multiple quotes at a time. Also does Long Term Care and Disability.

I precaution you with Norvax and having them sign themselves up, many of the times they don’t understand what it is there buying, thinking it will be near full coverage at dirt cheap prices. This can lead to charge backs and unhappy clients.

I think you’ll have to make your website into categories. One for auto, one for life & disability, one for health & long term care and one for medicare (if your planning on medicare)

Good luck starting your own agency its a lot of hard work! Also might want to think of making it an S Corporation to avoid taxes and audits.

Mary asks…

How much will a ct scan of the brain with contrast cost me?

I need to get a ct scan of my brain with contrast. I was told by my insurance company that they will not cover because it is pre-existing. Why do i have insurance again? Anyway, i will go through the insurance company and will end up with the bill. How much does a typical ct scan of the brain cost?

Sarah Fields answers:

I work at a free standing imaging center in Northern California. We charge $1250 for a brain CT with contrast. But, prices will vary greatly, not only from state to state but within the same region. The hospital in the same town I work in charges almost double what we do. I would definately call around and price quotes or estimates. If you call a hospital, make sure you get both fees. There is a professional fee (which the radiologist charges for reading your study) and a technical fee (the cost of performing the study). Many free standing imaging centers incorporate this into one fee, but be sure to ask.

You are preaching to the choir regarding health insurance! I feel for you……Best wishes….

Daniel asks…

what is the best health insurance in california?

i could either choose blue cross hmo or ppo or kaiser hmo..not sure which is best?

Sarah Fields answers:

A lot will depend on your specific situation (age, zip code, health issues, etc.) but Blue Cross Blue Shield of California and Kaiser Permanente are both very strong CA health insurance companies.

Shop around and compare quotes from at least 3-5 different CA health insurance companies and then you will be able to make a good decision.

Here is some more information about finding the best California health insurance:

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