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Health Insurance California Quote Question & Answers

2013 August 28
by Sarah Fields

Charles asks…

What medical insurance in can I get in California that also covers the dermatologist?

I’m self employed, young, and live in California. I make good money and I just want to purchase health insurance for myself. I’ve seen plans that go for about 150 a month with a 2500 dollar deductible. That’s not even that bad. Why are people complaining? Lol

Sarah Fields answers:

I have a client that does not complain about his $2700 monthly premium while other clients complain about their $100 monthly premium. Complaining is in vogue now.

A bigger complaint than the premium is the coverage. The deductible in only one part. People buy the cheapest insurance thinking that it will cover everything, and then complain when it doesn’t. Make sure you understand the plan you are getting so you won’t be on here in a few months complaining that your plan won’t cover your dermatologist visit. Many plans will exempt coverage for your current medical problems or they may charge you more to cover those problems. If your problem is severe enough you may even be declined coverage. You’ll want to contact an agent that works with all of the major companies in your area. The agent can help you find the best plan for your situation and budget. I’m not licensed in CA so I wouldn’t be able to help you, but here is a good site where you can get a quote of all of the major plans in your area, and you can call the phone number listed for assistance to make sure that your health conditions are covered:

Carol asks…

Looking for affordable health insurance in California?

Is there any way that an individual might be able to join an existing health insurande group? I am single, and my job does not offer insurance. I am 28 and healthy, but the costs of individual plans are out of my budget. I was just wondering if there was a better way to insure myself on the up and up.

Sarah Fields answers:

In some states—I believe California is one—an insurance broker can bring together individuals into a small group that qualifies for a group plan. Consult with a local insurance broker. To find one, log on to a website like and fill out a form requesting a quote. Your info will be sent to a broker in your area who will contact you. A broker works with several health insurance companies, and can find the best deal for you. There is no charge for the service and no obligation to buy.

Paul asks…

What health insurance is recommended for a single dad with 3 kids, with a budget but have decent coverage?

I am a single father of 3 kids and looking for health/dental/vision insurance for my family. We don’t really go to the doctor as much but still want decent coverage in case I need to do so. Any ideas? Am based in Southern California.

Sarah Fields answers:

One through your employer. You can’t get vision and dental that doesn’t cost more than it pays, except through an employer group policy.

Otherwise, just go to your local agent, ask them to give you a couple quotes on a private policy.

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