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Health Insurance Companies In Az Question & Answers

2015 October 6
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

Why are the same insurance companies that cover Viagara not wanting to provide birth control coverage?

Is it more important for impotent old men to be able to have sex than it is for a woman to be able to, safely? Just a tad sexist, wouldn’t you say?
I’m sorry but I still don’t understand- a man who can’t get an erection choosing to have sex is a lifestyle choice also isn’t it?
I’m sorry but I still don’t understand- a man who can’t get an erection choosing to have sex is a lifestyle choice also isn’t it?

Sarah Fields answers:

Its more than a tad bit sexist. How about in AZ, women have to PROVE why they are taking birth control pills. The whole thing is meant to place women solidly in the second class citizen bracket. Women really need to pay attention to what’s going on with their health care coverage, be vocal as a block and VOTE for the party that values women and has concerns for women’s health care issues.

25% of our premiums go toward “administrative” costs. That means BIG bonuses for BIG insurance executives, lavish vacations, overinflated salaries. 10% of government premiums for health insurance goes toward administrative costs. There is something wrong with this picture. We really missed out when Congress nixed the single payer plan.

David asks…

how much does a military person make after 8 years service?

DO they make enough to support themselves if single? If a person served army 7 years ago then quit then reenlist and now works at a recruiting company. How much would he possibly make?

Sarah Fields answers:

It all varies on a number of factors. 1: Enlisted or Officer? 2. Rank/Grade 3. Years of Service 4. Have any dependents? 5. Special Duty Pay. 6. Location.

By the 8 year mark in your career, you should at least be an (Enlisted) E-5 or an O-3 (Officer). If you are an E-5 with over 8 years your base taxable income is $2761.80 per month. If you are an O-3 you make a taxable income of $5373.93 per month. Of course you will also receive Housing Allowance (BAH) and Subsidence allowance. An E-5 with Dependents (married-have children and not married- married with children.) Housing allowance is $1335 in Phoenix, AZ (85021) and an O-3 is $1500 tax free. So if you are an 0-3 with dependent you make $6,873 per month. Plus you can have special duty pay based on your job and subsidence allowance. PLUS FREE Medical care that usually cost a family $350 per month in the private sector. (Also, after twenty year you can retire without putting anything towards it, like a 401K.) Bottomline an O-3 makes $82,476 living in Phoenix with dependents without paying medical and can still receive extra pay for food PLUS special duty pay. I miss the Army paychecks. :-(- As an E-5 with dependents living in Phoenix, AZ with BAH and base pay, you make $49,152 per year. (You still get free health insurance, food allowance, and even special duty pay. Recruiters make an extra $450 per month.) So a recruiter with 8 years service with family living in Phoenix makes $57,765.60 per year including food and special duty.

Jenny asks…

Is there an agency that helps pregnant women find jobs?

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and while I know I’m almost done I still have bills I need to pay. I was laid off after I was temporarily put on bedrest. Now I can’t seem to get a fair opportunity to work. So is there an agency that helps with this? Or are there any legitimate work from home jobs? I live in Phoenix AZ if that helps.

Sarah Fields answers:

There honestly are not very many true work from home jobs that actually pay. I have looked high and low and found that the ones that seem legit usually steal your time and never pay you. And the generic survey sites and such don’t pay enough for you to waste your time. I have been a stay at home mom for 5 years, always looking for something to bring in some extra money. I have been running a successful at-home career for a little over a year now, I work part-time and make more than most people make working a well-paying full-time job. It’s not a “insta-rich” gimmick but it will create wealth for you over time, it will initially bring in enough for you to have extra cash or pay your bills and over time you will gain real wealth, I am not talking like $1000/week wealth but real, true financial freedom kind of wealth. My career simply consists of find people that are interested in owning their own life with money, time and health, teaching them how to do it and getting paid over and over and over on that effort. If you are interested, you can message me through my profile, it’s a simple process of learning what to do, and teaching that to others. There is no high pressure salesman crap, no cold calling or inventory to buy and carry. There are many direct-sales companies out there you can look into if you are just looking to pay your bills, like selling make-up or candles or insurance but that usually always involves buying an inventory of stuff and trying to sell that stuff to others at a high price to make a profit but it will never create real wealth, it is simply trading time for a small amount of money and if you have all the time in the world and no desire to have wealth than that is the route you may want to look into But if done correctly what I do will bring you real wealth and some people just do not want wealth, they just want some extra cash. So look at your situation, ask yourself if you want to trade time for a small amount of pay or do you want to actually own your life and get to spend all the time you need with your child when it is born by learning something new and then teaching that to others?

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