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Health Insurance Companies In Az Question & Answers

2013 September 22
by Sarah Fields

Carol asks…

What’s a good health insurance company for a family of 4 in AZ that allows preexisting conditions?

What’s a good health insurance company for a family of 4 in AZ that allows preexisting conditions, has a low annual out of pocket, allows mail order perscriptions, and has a high lifetime cap?

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on what the conditions are. Some companies may decline any particular condition while others may accept. Those that will accept may rider the condition. This means they’ll accept you but not cover the condition for a period of time which could be from 1 year to permanent. However, even permanent riders may be removed over time. Other companies will accept you and the condition but will increase the premium up to 50%.

All companies in AZ have a 6 month pre-existing condition clause but if the condition is minor and you’ve had previous insurance it may be waived.

Not everyone needs to be on the same policy. Companies that may accept the pre-existing condition may not have the low annual out of pocket and high lifetime cap that you want. In that case that person can get on the policy that accepts them while everyone else can get a “better” plan.

You’ll need to visit a local agent that works with all the major companies in AZ. The agent can do a prescreen with all the companies to find your best options. There is no extra charge using an agent.

Laura asks…

How do I start a career without experience?

I live in Phx, Az I had went to a medical billing and coding program and the only experience I have is working for a health insurance company. I am now studying for the CPC exam but my goal is to work at a medical office as a medical biller. I been applying for front office just to get my foot in the door. What else should I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

Apply to temporary agencies – they are *constantly* looking for competent, reliable, professional people…you’ll not only gain work experience while making money at the same time, but you could also very likely end up getting a permanent position at one of the companies you temp for…it happens all the time.

Good luck. :)

Jenny asks…

what is the best health insurance for a newly married couple to get?

My husband and I just got married and are looking to get health insurance. we both can not get insurance through work. we live in arizona, my husband attends ASU. We are both involved in masters programs. We are looking to start a family poss. with in the year! what is the best coverage we can get, with our student incomes? thanks in advance for any advice / guidence you can provide!

Sarah Fields answers:

There is no one best company and with health insurance you get what you pay for.

Shopping for health insurance is like shopping for a new car. When you shop for a new car you have a choice between the basic low end model with no options, a fully loaded luxury car, or something in between. If you shop for the cheapest you’ll get the basic low end model which may or may not have the benefits and coverage you are looking for. You should talk with an agent that works with all the major companies in your area. The agent can find the best plan for your situation and budget and can explain what you get and, more importantly, what you won’t get with the plan. There is no extra charge using an agent.

ASU does have a basic health plan available, plus there are other student plans available which have basic coverage.

Very few individual plans have maternity benefits. Maternity is more of a pre-payment plan with a waiting period. No insurance company is going to pay out more for your delivery than it receives in premium. Complications of pregnancy, such as a C-section, are covered with all major plans in AZ.

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