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Health Insurance Companies Question & Answers

2013 November 28
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

How and why did health insurance companies come into being?

I am curious how health insurance companies got such a “foothold” in the United States.

Sarah Fields answers:

Because the UNIONS wanted benefits for their members. The UNIONS created the insurance companies and get a huge kick-back from them.

Donald asks…

Why do liberals claim health insurance companies are the cause of high health care costs?

Health insurance companies fight health care providers daily to lower the costs.

Why would insurance companies want to have to pay higher costs?

Have you ever seen a hospital bill and what a health insurance company disallows and finally ends up paying? It’s a he’ll of a lot less than what the provider is trying to charge.
Whoo, saying health insurance companies are 100% to blame for the high cost of health care proves you have no idea what you are talking about.

Sarah Fields answers:

You really didn’t expect a logical answer from the liberals, did you ?

Their mantra says insurance companies are evil

So thats all they know

Facts play no part

2. It doesn;t matter that insurance company profits are the lowest in any industry

It doesn’t matter if the insurance companies reject far less claims than government insurance programs like medicare and medicaid do.

Thomas asks…

Are there private health insurance companies in Sweden?

Simple question, do they have private health insurance companies in Sweden or is it all government run and sponsored? Is there a private option or not?
I just need a factual answer, yes or no. Opinions and sales pitches aren’t necessary.

Sarah Fields answers:

Private health insurance is available and increasingly popular in Sweden. Most who have it get it as a benefit from their employers.

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