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Health Insurance Companies Question & Answers

2013 September 4
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

How come health insurance companies are allowed to discriminate against people with disabilities?

How is it legal for health insurance companies to discriminate against people with disabilities (I mean, medical disabilities), but other companies are not allowed to, like grocery stores are not allowed to? Or maybe it IS legal for other businesses to discriminate against people I am really just curious, that’s all. About the legal process. Health insurance companies kind of make me mad, because of this issue. I know I am expressing a political opinion, but I ask you not to troll. If you have a different opinnion thatn me, you can argue for it, but please don’t start trollin.’

Sarah Fields answers:

You mean in writing policies? That’s one of the reasons we need health care reform, the insurance companies exclude people with pre-existing conditions. Which kind of ruins the whole concept of insurance, which is based on pooled risk.

Mark asks…

What are some of the reasons health insurance companies won’t pay to save your life?

I’m just curious. Like if you have lung cancer do to excess smoking(just an example), will the health insurance companies leave him to die because of his lack of income and his bad health? Please answer this and the above question as best as you can because I think this world is cruel!

Sarah Fields answers:

1. You didn’t buy any coverage.
2. You bought a discount plan, that doesn’t “pay” anything out.
3. You bought a limited benefit plan, and you maxed out your coverage.

Newsflash – health insurance companies don’t provide ANY medical treatment.

DOCTORS, however, and HOSPITALS, might very well leave someone to die, because of his lack of income and bad health.

Until YOU, take out a half a million in student loans, work your butt off 80 hours a week in school, through college, med school, residency, etc, to become a doctor, AND THEN volunteer at LEAST 20 hours a week giving FREE MEDICAL CARE to people with no income and bad health, then YOU ARE THE CAUSE. You’re contributing to cruelty, because YOU aren’t trying to fix anything! You’re not trying to HELP anyone! You’re only demanding someone ELSE to help that poor guy.

Sheesh, put down the remote, and get out there and DO something about the cruel world!! Or, stop whining about it.

Charles asks…

Who is opposed to letting health insurance companies compete across the entire country, and why?

Some argue that allowing health insurance companies to compete all over the country would reduce costs. Most conservatives seem to favor this while most liberals do not. What are the arguments for and against doing this. Who has a vested interest in the geographical restrictions.

Sarah Fields answers:

Most insurance companies have offices in all states. Public option will make them finally have real competition.*

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