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Health Insurance Costs 2013 Question & Answers

2016 January 3
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

Why is the cost of health care in US hospitals so extremely high?

So high that most bankruptcies in the US are a result of massive medical bills, and most of those who did go bankrupt as a result of medical bills DID have health insurance? I’ll give you a hint: It’s NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES at fault here.

So why is the cost of health care in US hospitals so extremely high?

Please answer my question FIRST before reading or viewing the true answer which I’ve provided in the links below, because I want to know how aware people are aware, at this moment, of the truth. But at the same time I don’t want to leave you without knowing the. So PLEASE
DON’T PEEK! Answer first, and THEN find out if you’re right. Thanks!
Hi To All My Friends and Family:

This is one of the most important news articles that you will ever read in your lifetime, a must-read for all Americans. Start with this fascinating 15- minute interview with author Steven Brill, in 3 parts, links below, but BE SURE TO READ Brill’s article in Time Magazine, last link below:

Part I:—steven-brill-extended-interview-pt–1

Part II, Extended Interview:—steven-brill-extended-interview-pt–2

Part III, Extended Interview:—steven-brill-extended-interview-pt–3

Time Article, “The Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us”:

Thanks everybody for answering. Maximus, I think you’re the only one who got it right. the article by Brill was a real eye opener for me.

Sarah Fields answers:

Greed, I would say. It is really too high. I paid $2 for one cotton ball.

Laura asks…

Since liberals are “pro choice”, what about choices like whether or not to join a labor union?

Or what kind of light bulbs to use, what car to drive, or what kind of shopping bag to use? Are these not also valid choices we should be allowed to make?
How about choices about health care, about how much to spend on health insurance, or even whether we wish to have it?
Or can we only make politically correct choices, approved by the progressive elites?

Sarah Fields answers:

Oh, now I LOVE ‘Stump the Liberal’.

1. How about if it’s “my body, my choice”, they can’t tell us how much soda to put in it?

2. Or, how about Warren Buffet finding all the tax loopholes he can before the tax rate goes up in 2013. He just created a new one yesterday.

3. You think France has the ideal society, when the French are leaving in droves because of 75% taxes.

4. Martin Sheen is an actor who is smart enough to engage in political discussion. Ronald Reagan should never have been elected President because he’s just an actor, for crying out loud.

5. The amount of money it will cost each individual citizen to pay for the WAR is important to consider. The amount of money welfare, food stamps, and medicare cost each individual citizen is irrelevant, and selfish to consider.

6. When people try to discuss the current events with you, your face becomes red, you raise your voice and use the words: “idiot” and “oil” repeatedly.

7. You think Rachel Maddow is an intelligent, gutsy lady and a dynamite reporter.

8. You think all war is evil, and Jimmy Carter is a voice a reason.

9. You’re still not clear about what exactly was wrong with Communism.

10.. Your parents paid for you to go to an expensive private college and five years later you still spend more time protesting than earning a living.


11. You think everyone is a victim.

12. You project your own racism on people, because you voted for a man based on the color of his skin, and can’t imagine that someone didn’t vote for him for the same reason.

13. You call conservatives “racist”, and then say that black people aren’t smart or capable enough, and that’s why they need Affirmative Action.

14. Having no ability what-so-ever to distinguish between wants and needs.

15. Abdicating all personal responsibility for the reason stated in number 11.

Mary asks…

What are the draw backs/perks of concierge medicine?

My current doctor is moving into concierge medicine beginning in September. I am both interested and hesitant. I plan to research it & soon decide if it’s right for me & my family. As it is now, our health insurance is very expensive. My husband is a self employed contractor. I am wondering if paying for the concierge & reducing our insurance to major medical may even out costs. Thoughts? Also, what is generally covered by concierge medicine? Is it only the doctor visits? Any screenings? Anything else?
Do you have concierge medicine? If so, are your kids on the plan? How much does it run you per year?
@insurance pickle, Have you ever paid out of pocket for health insurance? What you explain as 100, $20 co-pays doesn’t apply to us. We pay over $1,000 per month for our family to have health insurance. If I can pay $6,000 for us to have concierge…and drastically reduce my deductible, then I may break even here…and get perks along with it. I still have some checking to do…but we shall see. Also, I have been with my doctor for almost 20 years. He is a very good & caring doctor. I know not to equate him with any random physician at the urgent care center.

Sarah Fields answers:

There is no standard form yet, so you’ll have to read your physician’s proposal carefully.

There have been a few published articles, even online, and from what I gather, the physicians who have made the change tend to offer fixed monthly fee for all employee services usually rendered by a primary care physician. Some materials may be extra cost.

A good thing to look out for if the physician bargaining for the entire group to get a low cash price for the ‘usual’ outside services — blood work and imaging.

A point to watch out for is what is NOT covered — and, most consumers aren’t well qualified to figure this out — which frequently includes the services of specialists.

Finding that elusive major medical insurance policy is tricky — the whole industry is focused on ObamaCare and not looking to do much else. Perhaps worse, i do not know if the regulations as to when one has to have your major medical policy in hand in order to for it to be legal under ObamaCare regulations have been published. It is entirely possible that no such policies will be sold after October 1, 2013 [when ObamaCare exchanges are supposed to be up and running].

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