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Health Insurance Costs By State Question & Answers

2014 February 28
by Sarah Fields

Susan asks…

Why do the right of center Folks who want less Government intrusion support Insurance Lobbyists interference?

We all know that the Health Industry is dumping millions directly into the Congress.. thus redirecting the path of the United States Citizenry ?

Health Insurance Costs are leaving our country completely uncompetitive in the Global Market .. where is the disconnect ?

Sarah Fields answers:

Hey subvertor; I can see that you are in a mood today. But I do have to agree. People ARE stupid. I cannot understand why people are so gullible. Earlier this year polls indicated that 72% of Americans supported some form of a public option (myself I prefer single payer but public option may be a step in the right direction). A majority that would force all but the most stubborn of conservative elected officials into supporting their constituents wishes. Of course this situation was unacceptable to the health care industry, and so the propaganda and misinformation began to fly. A great deal of American citizens were either completely duped by these lies or became too confused to even have an opinion. Now the insurance lobbyists have our politicians, both Democrat and Republican back in their pockets instead of fearing and serving their constituents they again serve the special interests. The THINKING among us have brains enough to understand where the funding for all of these lies came from. The rest of middle America has once again been had by an ideology that does NOT have their best interests in mind.

George asks…

where can i do health insurance for less price offered by government?

i heard that there is community health services in every states of united states, where you can do health insurance for low costs to people of low income.If you have any information regarding it,please share with me.

Sarah Fields answers:

There are several state run programs for low income people – one is Medicaid, and one is SCHIP – State Childrens Health Insurance Program, just for children and pregnant women.

So, go to a search engine, type in the name of your state, and Medicaid or SCHIP, and it will give you the website.

Charles asks…

Is it legal for an employer to cut your hours and require you to pay for health insurance that he paid?

I am a salaried employee and the contract was a verbal negotiation. The employer agreed to pay for health insurance for me and my spouse. He only agreed to these terms for a few employees. He paid all individual health insurance costs for all employees, but added spouses for only a few. Now he has cut 5 hours per week reducing salary at an hourly rate and will require us to pay half of individual insurance costs and 100% of our spouses. How can this be legal?

Sarah Fields answers:

Legally, the employer cannot agree to pay for spouses for some and not for others. He’s probably just now finding this out and therefore is trying to come into compliance before the feds come down on him with a hefty fine.

The law states that an employer can require an employee to pay all or any part of the insurance policy. However, the employee is not required to take the policy unless the employer is paying 100% of the cost (for every employee) so if you don’t want to pay you have the option of getting your own individual policy.

So, the employer has been breaking the law but not how you wanted it to be.

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