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Health Insurance Costs By State Question & Answers

2014 April 14
by Sarah Fields

Lizzie asks…

How do I cut down on health care costs?

I bring in about 1100 dollars a month after taxes and insurance. Health/dental insurance costs me 236 a month plus co-pays and other charges. I tried to apply for state insurance to see if that would be cheaper, but they denied me altogether b/c they said I make too much money. lol.

Sarah Fields answers:

Are you using the word “care” and “insurance” to mean the same thing? Health CARE costs, are how much you spend for medical care. Health INSURANCE costs, are how much you spend on insurance. Two completely different things.

To cut down on health CARE costs, you don’t visit the doctor/dentist as much. You take better care of yourself, and prevent all the preventable diseases caused by things like overeating, underexcercising, smoking, drinking, drugging.

To cut down on health INSURANCE costs, you take a higher deductible, or buy less coverage. There’s no bargain, the lower the cost, the less coverage you have. The higher the premium the better the coverage. You need to figure THAT part out on your own, or run it through with a local agent.

Steven asks…

What are the best options for low cost family health insurance in CA?

Hi, I live in CA and had health insurance through COBRA after I lost my job. It recently got canceled because of a payment mix up. What are some options for health insurance at a low cost? I’m not familiar with the new health care reforms so I’m not sure what my options are. I have a family of 5. Thanks so much!

Sarah Fields answers:

In most cases, your options are the same as before the reforms.

Getting insurance for only the children, and none of the adults, is no longer an option.

All other options that existed before the reforms still exist.

Depending on the total income of everyone in the household (not just those requiring insurance), medi-cal may or may not all be an option. No other options are available that were not options before the reforms.

If the family is not poor enough to qualify for medi-cal, then the first step is to apply for health insurance from a health insurance company (Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of CA, Kaiser, etc.) and see what happens. You can apply online or at the office of an agent.

If the application is approved, then you get whatever insurance that company offers, and you pay for it.

If the application is denied because of a preexisting health condition, you then apply for coverage from the state run managed risk pool (you cannot do this until after being denied by an insurance company), although that coverage costs over $1000 per month per person, so you probably cannot afford to cover a family of 5 after losing your job.

Carol asks…

How can I find a health insurance provider that will cover costs for getting Accutane?

Hi, I have never bought health insurance before, and I would like to know how I could find out if a particular health insurance provider would cover the costs of me going to a dermatologist and getting Accutane. Can anyone help me?

Sarah Fields answers:

Humana offers an individual plan in which you would pay a $50.00
copay for this drug if you are approved and no limitations are provided by underwriting department.

You will have to admit during application you have acne, though

Also, this plan is not available in all states.

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