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Health Insurance Costs By State Question & Answers

2015 September 19
by Sarah Fields

Ruth asks…

What is the best private health insurance company (low cost) for employees without sponsored employer plans?

Need independent health insurance. Employer does not provide plan. State is Louisiana. Existing Blue Cross Blue Shield policy with current employer, but would need to continue independent coverage with BCBS upon changing jobs or locate another low-cost provider. Any advice helpful. Thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

Just fill in a free form and get a quote from these people here they’ll provide results from a number of different USA insurers
hope it helps

Nancy asks…

How can a government run health insurance entity “compete” with private companies? Will it pay taxes?

It boggles my mind that the proponents of a government run health insurance entity would actual state that this entity would bring competition to the insurance arena. How would these private businesses compete with someone who does not have to pay taxes. How do companies compete with an entity that can literally raise taxes to pay for operational costs or an entity that is funded non voluntarily by the citizens of the United States? Can the private insurance companies pass legislation that changes the rules of the game in the insurance business? No but the government could certainly dictate the rules of their own business by passing legislation in its favor. Can someone please give me a logical reason as to how this government run health insurance option would do anything other than run private insurance into the ground to ultimately pave the way for the government to be the only health care option?

Sarah Fields answers:

Nothing can compete with free. It’s not very difficult. All these left-wingers that come up with all these theories about how it will force private companies to lower their standards is just BS. Why would anyone stick to a private health insurance plan when their tax dollars are already paying for another one?

Linda asks…

How do I apply for free health insurance when I have a terminal illness but am still able to work?

I have a terminal illness but I am still able to work, however, I am on COBRA because my last job wrongly fired me. I am not poor but I simply cannot keep paying for COBRA. I cannot go for Medicaid because my good doctor does not accept Medicaid and I do not want to owe lots of money and have to worry about paying it off. I heard there is a program with either Social Security or Medicare where all you need to do is fill out a few forms and get a letter from your doctor stating that you have a terminal illness. Then you will receive health insurance for little or no cost and your doctor has to accept the insurance. Does anyone have any info on this? I am not disabled to the point where I cannot work, but my bills are a lot of money even with the COBRA coverage.
I am not asking about MedicaID, I believe it is a form of MedicaRE…

Sarah Fields answers:

Here is information about Social Security Disability Insurance:



Since you are still able to work, I do not think you’ll be able to qualify. If your doctor is unable to accept Medicaid, then you may want to find a new doctor if you can qualify for Medicaid.

You want COBRA, rather than your own individual policy, because it still is a “group” policy which cannot be terminated (except for non-payment of benefits) whereas an individual policy can be terminated at any time.

Medicare – you have to be a certain age – and it still isn’t free. Information about Medicare can be found here:


Are you currently working at another job? See if you can get put on a group health insurance policy.

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