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Health Insurance Costs By State Question & Answers

2013 October 17
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

How much is health cost for over 65 non-us citizen living in the US. Thanks?

I am planning of bringing my mother to stay in the United states. she is a non-us citizen so I am wondering how much will health insurance cost in her case. Thanks

Sarah Fields answers:

That’s a loaded question.

1- It depends on her health
2- It depends on what type of coverage.

Coverage can be all encompassing (expensive) or just for major medical events (moderate)

Michael asks…

One the Republican counter proposal to reform health care; wrinkles in the selling across state lines scheme?

If health insurance costs more in New Jersey in part because of laws and regulations on health care in that State(like mandatory safety equipment in hospital rooms), what happens when the cheap insurance plan you bought in North Dakota doesn’t cover all the expenses mandated on your hospital in New Jersey? Who pays for that? And if its the patient; what’s the net benefit of this plan?

Sarah Fields answers:

Right now companies only have to compete with one or two other companies. If health care is allowed to be sold everywhere competition for the sales will lower overall costs. People might also wake up to all the crap states like new jersey require for healthcare.

Sandra asks…

Why is the right so stuck on the idea of selling insurance across state lines?

All it does is makes the car lighter by taking the engine out of it. Could it be that it has nothing to do with lowering health insurance costs; but about clipping the wings off of state lawmakers?

Sarah Fields answers:

Because regulations protecting insurance consumers are state laws. They are not regulated at the federal level – and can’t be by Supreme Court decision.
– higher costs
– more rejected claims
– more policies with not enough local care providers

This is how the credit card industry became so unregulated. By running all the card processing out of states with lax regulations they were able to bypass usury laws against high interest and fees that most states had on their books.

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