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Health Insurance Costs By Year Question & Answers

2014 March 19
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

How do you get health insurance for under $500 a month?

My health insurance premium costs $500 a month. What options do I have for a cheaper plan? Would I have to avoid going to the doctor for many years to get affordable health insurance ? What is the secret?

Sarah Fields answers:

What happened?
Ive been under a rock, i thought the president was addressing this problem

Chris asks…

What is the best health insurance company for the self employed?

Searching this topic in Google only gives tons of applications but no info. I just want to know roughly how much it would cost a year for me to get my own health insurance. Are there big names to look for? I do not want a small insurance company.

Sarah Fields answers:

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the best!!!!!!

Linda asks…

does health insurance costs count toward your gross earnings when doing your taxes?

my wife paid just over 10000 for health insurance this year for our family plan. her w2 says she paid the amount but also includes it in her gross for the year is this correct???? please help thanks

Sarah Fields answers:

It is in your gross income. The insurance was taken out of the wages. You’re taxed on the gross income. If it’s documented on your W-2, then your tax program will tell you where & if you can take it off.

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