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Health Insurance Costs By Year Question & Answers

2015 December 9
by Sarah Fields

Betty asks…

Will my parents find out about my birth control?

I am 19 years old but my parents still pay for my health insurance/costs etc. Since i’m over 18 i go to checkups without my parents and am planning on getting prescribed birth control next time i go…will they find out about it? or will it be a patient confidentiality thing ? thanks
what do you mean use the insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

No, unless you use the insurance and don’t pay right when you visit the doctor

Edit: Just pay the doctor money when you visit him/her..That way your parents won’t find out.

Maria asks…

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance for College Students?

Hello, I’ll be a college student this year.Will I need a health insurance?How much it cost?Where can I find the best health insurance site, the lowest cost for me.Please give me details.

Sarah Fields answers:

It depends on your college! The cheapest way, is to have mom or dad add you on their plan. The second cheapest, is to buy into the college plan.

There is no “best health insurance site” – the vast majority of sites, are actually NOT about selling you health insurance – they’re about harvesting your personal information to sell as leads.

Nancy asks…

What is the cost of baby health insurance?

I am doing a project for health class, called baby’s first year. I have every thing that i would cost to have a baby except Doctor, Hospital cost and health Insurance. If you know how much it is, I would love it because I have googled it and you need all this detailed information.

Sarah Fields answers:

Depends on the policy. With my previous employer the health insurance premium was $216 a month for my son, with my current employer, it is much cheaper and I only pay $20 a month for one child.

The total cost will also depend on what benefits are available for the child under the plan. Babies go the the doctor a lot during the first year for regular check-ups. Usually seven times (at two weeks, one month, two months, four months, six months, nine months and 12 months) more if they are sick. With my old plan, I had to pay 20% for all visits which was about $60-$80 each time, but with my new plan it is a flat $20 co-pay for each visit.

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