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Health Insurance Costs California Question & Answers

2013 December 14
by Sarah Fields

William asks…

How much would an adult circumcision cost in California?

Okay, as embarrasing as this is, I need to know. I need to get a circumcision for a variety of reasons, none of them cosmetic. Mainly, it’s for a painfully tight frenulum and hygiene. However, i don’t have support for this from my parents and as such will have to finance the operation myself. How much (roughly) would it cost a healthy 19 year old male (student, with student health insurance from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of California) to get an ordinary, locally anesthetized circumcision to be preformed in a Southern California hospital/doctor’s office? Would insurance cover it fully/partially?
Okay, to all those who’ve replied with “DON’T DO IT!” messages, trust me, I’m not exactly keen on this. But I got two opinions, one from a GP and one from a urologist both saying I can go on for a while without it done, but sooner or later it’s gonna have to happen, so better to do it young. So basically, just looking for a $ amount here.

Sarah Fields answers:

Two weeks of not masturbating…. That’s how much it’ll cost…if you have BCBS… You’ll just pay deductable… And it shouldn’t be that much….. Should almost be out-patient surgery…

Carol asks…

What kind of insurance will cover rhinoplasty pertaining to broken nose?

My nose broke and now I have what the doctor told is called Saddle Nose. He said there is no rush, but I have some difficulty breathing and it is somewhat deformed. I have University of California health insurance, will this help?

How should I get this procedure done for the most inexpensive cost? Any insurance experts?

Sarah Fields answers:

~~Your insurance should cover this and you can call their toll free number (back of card) to find out how much it would cost you (an estimate).

The cheapest way to do this is to use your insurance and make sure every provider and facility who treats you is a provider.

Any type of rhinoplasty will require the doctor to justify the medical necessity, most times this is considered cosmetic. He will send a report as well as the objective findings to your insurance companyy. Once he receives authorizationn to allow it, then you know you are covered.~~

David asks…

What kind of health insurance is out there for someone in their 50s in California with no or low income?

My mom doesn’t have a job, but needs health insurance. I can pay it for her, but is there health insurance with decent coverage that is particularly for people with no income or low income?

Sarah Fields answers:

Your mom should look into whether or not she qualifies for Medicaid (“Medi-Cal” in California). If she has a pre-existing medical condition and has been uninsured for six months or more, she may also qualify for the state’s high-risk health insurance pool. You can get a good run-down of these options (and direction on where to apply) here:

Alternately, you can help her look into purchasing an individual health insurance policy on her own. If she’s healthy, she may have some decent options. Work with a licensed agent online or in your area. It doesn’t cost anything extra to work with an agent and it can help you get a better idea of what’s available.

You can also request a free copy of our book, Individual Health Insurance For Dummies, here:

Best wishes.

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