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Health Insurance Costs California Question & Answers

2015 July 17
by Sarah Fields

Jenny asks…

What are the requirements for free health care in California?

My grandmother is from Malaysia and she is living with us in California (since November 2007). She has a green card. Her health has been deteriorating and she’s been getting these terrible headaches. I really want to take her to see a doctor, but the price would be astronomical without health insurance. Is she eligible for medicare/medicaid/medical? If not, what are some other options? I’m sorry if I sound ignorant or uneducated about this, but honestly, I really don’t know anything about this. Any help I can get is very much appreciated.

Sarah Fields answers:

If you go to the ER they will treat her. They have to treat her. It’s the law. Your problem is that as a part of getting her green card somebody, maybe you, signed an affidavit of support for her. Whoever it is that signed that affidavit of support can expect to pickup the full cost of her health care needs.

Charles asks…

Is expanded health insurance coverage the answer to the health care issue in our country?

I’ve seen some of the proposals by the presidential candidates advocating expanded health insurance coverage.

Is this subsidizing health insurance companies?

Are companies that are in business for a profit the best means for health care?

Sarah Fields answers:

Just expanding the system is not the answer as the system is bloated and inefficient. We need to have more efficient choices in our health care.

There was a system which I saw proposed in California where smaller clinics would be opened up in strip malls and community centers. Staffed by Nurse practitioners and Physicians assistants and working in consort with doctors, they would be allowed to take care of simple illnesses and injuries that clog the emergency rooms now. The cost savings alone would more than make up for the initial cash outlay to start the clinics up.

Mandy asks…

will medical marijuana show up on my company health insurance?

I live in california and I just got a medical marijuana prescription from a legal doctor. I just want to make sure that this prescription will not show up on any of my company health insurance. I did not present any type of insurance or medical history when I got the marijuana prescription, and the only type of legal information they have is my driver’s license. I am not trying to get my company to cover any marijuana costs, I just want to make sure that the two stay separated.

Sarah Fields answers:

They have no access to your health records, just that dr so-and-so has cleared you for work

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