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Health Insurance Costs Going Up Question & Answers

2015 August 24
by Sarah Fields

Laura asks…

Why do so many liberals think requiring insurance companies to include preexisting conditions and have no?

limits to coverage will lower health insurance costs?

How is that possible?

Sarah Fields answers:

You’ve yet to even understand the difference between a Deficit and Debt after MANY questions & answers over weeks.

Why even try to answer this one?

David asks…

What is the cost to hire a wellness provider vendor?

Has anyone used a wellness provider, such as Johnson & Johnson to reduce health insurance costs? I’m looking for a ballpark figure about what they provide and how much they charge a company to use their services

Sarah Fields answers:

$59.67 per 100 serviced……….

Jenny asks…

In NY there is freelancers unions and other ways to get affordable health insurance. anything similar in SoCal

I want to start freelancing but learned that health insurance will cost me $1400/month. Anything creative I can do? Any unions or groups I can join in SoCal?
Need PPO.

Sarah Fields answers:

Maybe try getting quotes from a web consolidator site like this one –

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