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Health Insurance Costs Going Up Question & Answers

2013 November 24
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

Will employers be required to PAY for employees health insurance or just be required to provide access to it?

Lots of companies take part or all of the cost of health insurance out of their employees checks.

Will this practice stop because of Obama’s health care plans? And force employers to pay 100% of health insurance costs?

Wont that cost the US jobs?

Sarah Fields answers:

It is unclear as they keep revising the bill, if it does you bet it will be paid for in jobs, as a small businessman I’d have to lay off half of my 6 employees or close up shop

Carol asks…

How can i figure out how much my health insurance is a month?

i get my insurance thru my dads job, i pay him 100 a month for mine because thats what my mom has told me it is, but i’ve looked on my dads paystub and it only shows total health insurance cost for the whole family. I think my parents are over charging me for the insurance because they dont make my brother pay for his insurance but they make me pay for mine. Is there anyway i could possibly find out how much of it is actually taken out for my insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

There is no way that you could find out however if I were you I would get a signed receipt for each time you pay them because it is not unknown for parents to “forget” especially when they get old”…,…

Lisa asks…

does anyone think obamacare will be less expensive than private health insurance?

seeing how health insurance cost a fixed price, add the freeloaders cost, then thousands of government administrators to ration the care. then the union pensions and wages. how could paying for 50 people be cheaper than paying for one.
insurance companies operate on a 3% profit margin. buying in bulk works for sams club but not doctors. it will triple before the administrative cost are absorbed.

Sarah Fields answers:

If it’s supposed to be less expensive, why is there a $1,000 billion price tag on it? Reducing expense is not the objective. Fairness is the objective. Right now, people with money and/or health insurance are able to get medical care. That is not fair. Obamacare will reduce their access to medical care to be the same as that of poor people.

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