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Health Insurance Costs Per Month Question & Answers

2014 February 12
by Sarah Fields

Richard asks…

How much does birth control cost at Planned Parenthood?

I just found out that my job is laying me off soon, and my health insurance will be canceled in about a month. I’m considering going to Planned Parenthood for birth control, because it will cost $50+ per month out of pocket (something I can no longer afford). Is birth control any cheaper from Planned Parenthood?

Sarah Fields answers:

Its much cheaper if you go to family planning at a County hospital (depending on where you live) I payed $2 a pack when I WAS on BCs and i live in GA. Its kinda embarrassing because of the strange people in those hospitals, but its worth it to not get pregnant if your not ready!

Betty asks…

What is cost of 1 bedroom furnished apartment in Gudalajara,Mexico?

I will be travelling to Gudalajara,Mexico very soon.
1)What is the cost of 1 bedroom furnished house in a decent neighbourhood?
2)How much would per month expenditure (House rent,travel,food,entertainment,gas,telephone,electricity,internet) would come upto for a family of 3?
3) How much will health insurance cost?

Sarah Fields answers:

It should be about 100 dollars a month guadalajara mexico is the best citie in thwe world viva guadalajara

Linda asks…

How much do you think a private Medicare will cost someone 65 years old when Blue Cross takes over?

Based on current increases in health insurance, it shouldn’t cost much more than 3 or 4 thousand per month if you have no pre-existing conditions.

Unlike overpaid Medicare Employees, those Blue Cross boys want check with lots of zeros tacked on.

They will take you to the cleaners and you can’t keep the change.

Sarah Fields answers:

Based on my research with all insurance companies; the quote I have been given is $1200 per month with a $5000 deductible. I am 66.

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