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Health Insurance Costs Question & Answers

2015 May 24
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

How much does health insurance cost in your state ?

I am 47 years old with no health issues at all , I do not smoke ,drink etc . I am paying a $5,000 deductible and have insurance with Blue Cross and Blue Shield . I live in NC . I have never used my insurance for anything other than a Flu Shot . Every year it goes up 15-20%. This year I will be paying $210.00 a month just for me .

What does your health Insurance cost you ?

Sarah Fields answers:

Of course, rates vary from one state to another. On the surface, that does not sound terribly out of line. However, Aetna and UnitedHealthOne are two reputable carriers that you can consider.

Of course, online quotes from REPUTABLE sites will show you specifics.

Donna asks…

Types of Health insurance costs paid by patient?

Im doing an assignment and the instructions say use the web to find the answers. And I can’t find this answer! Can you help? Here’s the question-
What types of health insurance costs are paid by patient ? Give four answers.

Can you help? I can’t find any answers.

Sarah Fields answers:

Cosmetic surgery




Sandra asks…

Should teachers pay a larger percentage of their health insurance costs?

Our school budget rose 9% this year, mostly because health insurance costs rose slightly more than 30%. Teachers pay just 1% of the average cost of $17,700 per employee.

I have no doubt that if you pay attention to your own public schools budget, you will find a similar situation.

In our case, teachers pay just over $170 per year for their health insurance. If they each paid 20%, roughly $65 per week, our local school budget would be easily balanced and no layoffs would occur.

This is what most residents want, as opposed to the school board wanting to increase taxes AGAIN.
Thankfully, voters rejected another tax increase. The budget failed with 65% voting against raising taxes. Exit polls show that residents want teachers to pay more towards their benefits.

Sarah Fields answers:

And if the Bush tax cuts were eliminated on EVERYONE the US debt would be much lower. Leave the teachers alone

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