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Health Insurance Costs Question & Answers

2015 December 23
by Sarah Fields

Susan asks…

how much does health insurance cost in germany for an american studying abroad?

i’m an american student, i want to study abroad in germany 2 years from now, i’m curious about how much health insurance costs in germany, because if im studying in america, i wont have any health insurance because it costs around $3000(2000 euro) a year for one person, is it cheaper in germany?

school costs much much more in america, so i’m not worried about tuition fees.

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s cheaper in Germany.


German tuition fees 500,- Euro per half year plus a fee for student services
( student union and other social affairs ) which depends on the
university’s facilities and is usually about half of this amount

that sums up to fixed costs of about 1500 Euro per year

plus living expenses

Non EU students will be asked to provide proof
that they can support themselves financially.

Richard asks…

How much will health insurance cost me?

I am an American citizen, 23 years old with a college degree. I never lived in the US but I am moving there now and I never had any health problems.

How much will health insurance cost me a month?

Sarah Fields answers:

Depends on where you’re going to live, and what kind of coverage you’re going to buy, and if you’re buying it directly, or through your employer.

Also, depending on how long you’ve been out of the country, you could have some problems buying it.

Anyway, budget somewhere between $50 and $800 a month.

Robert asks…

How much does health insurance cost?

I’m trying to get benefits started with my friend’s budding business, but she’s broke, and the more I’m looking into benefits, the more I’m learning. Like how my health insurance comes out of her pocket, for the most part, through an employee benefits plan. And she can’t afford that until her company takes off.

So my question is, as an individual, how much would health insurance cost me, myself, a month versus how much would it cost me through employee benefits?

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are 20 and perfectly healthy, and not overweight, with nothing wrong, and no maintenance meds, without materntiy benefits, in Pennsylvania for example, a good low/no deductible comprehensive policy will cost you around $225 a month.

For group plans, with maternity, if the employer pays half, it will usually cost you around $200 a month for the same level of coverage.

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