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Health Insurance Costs Question & Answers

2014 January 5
by Sarah Fields

Joseph asks…

How much would decent health insurance cost in the USA?

How much would decent health insurance cost in the USA
for an elder person, say 65, who has no health history in the us due to being an immigrant?

I am talking about the decent type of health insurance one gets when working for a fortune 500 company with low premiums and 20 dollar copays.

ANy advice?

Sarah Fields answers:

I think you’re not going to find someone willing to give private insurance to someone who’s 65, for the first time.

Here in the USA, an American citizen who was perfectly healthy, not overweight, nonsmoker, and no preexisting conditions, at the age of 64, would likely be paying $1,000 a month for a comprehensive plan, although that copay of $20 you’re suggestiong JUST isn’t realistic.

When one works for a large corporation, everyone is AVERAGED. So, you take 5,000 people, and each one pays $500 a month for insurance. Each one gets maternity coverage – including the men. The youngest men could find coverage cheaper on a private policy, because the price for ALL of them is averaged together.

Sandra asks…

How much does health insurance cost in the us?

How much does health insurance cost in the us?
i know it would vary depending on the quality of the cover, but can someone give me types of cover with costs thanks.

what’s co-pay and deductable? i’m in the in the uk, although i’m in the RAF, my national ins cost is about $300 a month. But the figure here is worked out on how much you earn not how healthy you are.

Sarah Fields answers:

It varies, could be as low as $100 a month for a single person in their 20’s with a high deductible, to $1,000 per month for a large family with pre-existing conditions and a low deductible.

George asks…

How much does health insurance cost?

I make minimum wage. I am afraid to get health insurance for fear that it will take most of my paycheck. My friend says she and her husband are paying close to $1000.00 per month in health insurance costs for just the two of them :(

I think this is insane but I do need to see a doctor. What should I do?

Sarah Fields answers:

$1000 a month is insane but believable. I work for a large company and pay about $60 a month as a single person. There is a deductible and co-pay and you have to jump through all the hoops they set up and in the end they never cover the amount charged. Making minimum wage you will never be able to afford a private policy. Your best bet is to find a job that offers insurance through a group policy. The bigger the better. This has been one of biggest political issue in America for some time now. Where have you been?

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