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Health Insurance Costs Question & Answers

2013 July 27
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

What are 3 reasons why health insurance costs so much?

I want to see what reasons people attribute to high high health insurance costs.

Be specific and include links to your facts if possible.

Sarah Fields answers:

1. Ridiculous malpractice suits leading to higher cost of operation for doctors and hospitals in the form of malpractice insurance.

2. Large portion of non-paying customers (many illegal aliens) visiting hospital emergency rooms and receiving treatment. Hospitals have to pass that cost on to recoup losses.

3. The HMO and PPO systems have higher overhead due to being a middle-man between doctors and patients.

Mark asks…

What techniques can a company use to minimize their health insurance costs for their employees?

What techniques can a company use to minimize their health insurance costs for their employees?
Any ideas?

Sarah Fields answers:

I think a proven technique has been EAPs. Employee Assistance Programs aide employees with smoking, weight, drinking, anger and other common issues. Many larger companies have these programs.

Maria asks…

How much does health care insurance cost in America?

Im planning on moving to America with my 2 children to live with my boyfriend, can anyone tell me how much health insurance costs?

Sarah Fields answers:

Oh, dear, love. You are in for a big surprise.

Your boyfriend needs to be employed by a large company to obtain the best health care coverage in America. If he does, ask about the company and/or insurance company’s policy on domestic partners. It is entirely up to the company and/or insurance policy whether or not you and your children qualify.

If you do not, you will need to get married soon in order to qualify to be on his plan, or purchase an individual policy for you and your children, which will run you approx. $300 USD or much more, depending on what coverage you select.

There is no nationalized health care in the U.S., so each and every time you visit the doctor – even with insurance – you will be paying something. Without insurance, a standard doctor’s visit with prescriptions will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Have a good long talk with your boyfriend about this, and I’m sure you will come up with the right solution. The sites below can help if you will need to apply for individual health insurance.

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