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Health Insurance Costs Rising Question & Answers

2014 October 18
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

What would the elderly rather have, a guaranteed health care plan or a voucher?

Do you think the elderly would rather have a plan that guarantees a bare minimum of coverage, or a voucher which forces them, at their ripe old age, to go an shop for a handful of plans from the health insurance oligopoly cartel; which may not even give them the minimum coverage they need?

A) A guaranteed minimum of health care coverage
B) A voucher that private insurance companies may not even accept, and that may not even keep pace with the rising costs of minimum coverage

Sarah Fields answers:

Lets be honest and call the voucher what it is. A coupon that will increase health care costs for seniors so Republicans can provide more billionaire tax relief.

Donna asks…

Why do people keep associating Obamacare with free Universal healthcare?

Obama is proposing an alternative health insurance option that is government run which offers lower costs than current private health insurance industries do.

You still have to pay for it! And its not Universal healthcare, which is run purely on taxes and government owns the hospitals.

The only reason poor people without health insurance aren’t dying in the streets is because when their health deteriorates enough for them to need Emergency attention they go to the emergency room and their health care is paid by YOU which is part of the reason for rising health care insurance costs.

Sarah Fields answers:

For cons, disinformation is their weapon of choice….

They haven’t learned that it only works temporarily, until people start googling their outrageous claims…

Maria asks…

What do you think is the most important question for our country to focus on?

1) How can we stop global warming?

2) What is the future of our economy? How can we pull out?

3) Rising cost of health insurance

4) If you take a cat, which always lands on its feet, and tape to it a piece of buttered toast on it’s back which always lands buttered side up. Then you drop the cat, what happens?!

Sarah Fields answers:

How about, why do we keep voting for people who make shit worse…

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