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Health Insurance Exchange Question & Answers

2015 June 16
by Sarah Fields

John asks…

What’s the highest amount you can pay for travel health insurance?

I’m 15 and might become an exchange student for a year when I’m 16, one of the requirements is to have travel insurance, but I’m confused. Does health insurance come thish the travel insurance?
And how much is annual travel health insurance in the UK tyoically? Do you have to pay weekly? or do you just pay once for the whole year and you’re covered?
Please explain to me, thanks.

Sarah Fields answers:

It’s pretty unlikely that your health insurance in the USA will cover ANYTHING that happens out of the country.

Usually, you’d buy the travel insurance up front. Sometimes, you can continue to renew it month to month.

Donna asks…

Why do so few people know that Pres. O is sending checks out to help you buy this insurance he is requiring?

Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will make available federal subsidies to eligible individuals for the purchase of health insurance through newly created health insurance Exchanges. These subsidies are a centerpiece of the law and are designed to provide financial assistance to millions of Americans who cannot afford health coverage today.

Sarah Fields answers:

Oh really? Where are those checks coming from then? Sending your own money back. That’s where. It’s not like he’s giving away his money or the governments. In other words, he isn’t helping anything, he’s just trying to make it seem that way. So, since it is YOUR money to begin with, why can’t we all choose what we want to do with our own money? Because Mr. Obama said we have to give our money back to him for his shitty insurance, that’s why.

Donald asks…

What are my options for health insurance?

So right now i have no health insurance.

I had partial insurance but was taken away last January because i exceeded what they called something like the poor people income. They offered me a super expensive health insurance at my job and when i tried to apply i was told i missed the deadline.

I need to get health insurance but not sure which one i can get. I tried calling MassHealth and they deny my request because my income lets say is between 45-55k.

Any advice if how i can get insurance? And also if i make between that range and i don’t get insurance what will i have to pay at the end of the year if i don’t get insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

Since you’re in MA you’ll need to get health insurance on your own or pay a penalty (the amount of which may vary based on your income). Work with a licensed agent online or in your area to see what’s available. You can also check out the MA Health Connector website at That’s the state-run health insurance exchange for MA.

What you end up paying for coverage will depend on whether you qualify for subsidies in MA, and on the type of coverage you choose to purchase. Some plans will be more expensive than others.

Good luck!

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