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Health Insurance For Children Question & Answers

2014 March 21
by Sarah Fields

Mary asks…

Have All Health Insurance Companies Quit Selling Individual Policies For Kids?

Thanks to ObamaCare, kids can no longer get health insurance on an individual plan. The companies simply quit writing new business. Now, ALL children are unable to get individual health insurance. Are any companies left offering individual health insurance for children, or did Obama assure all children will be unable to get individual health insurance coverage?

Sarah Fields answers:

All insurance companies in my state have quit offering child only policies, as have they in all states which I’m aware. Now, to insure a child at least one parent must also be on the plan. The reason for this is healthcare reform requires insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions effect 9/23/10. The companies had to quit writing child only policies to keep the premium from increasing drastically. After they’ve had a year or so loss experience we’ll see what happens.

Betty asks…

Who deserves free health insurance paid by the government for their kids?

Who do YOU think should get free government paid health insurance for their children? What financial bracket? Legal status? Etc…
When is someone deserving of a free ride? What qualifications would you put on it if YOU got to decide?

Sarah Fields answers:

I think it is fair to provide healtcare for those that CANNOT work. I am not talking about those who don’t want to work. For those that can work, we should have a scale. You can’t just set an income scale or bracket. In my state (2 bedroom apartment rents for $1550) you can’t live on $60K a year with a family that has 2 children. In some others you can. So here is the fair plan.

– We set a local income scale based on average living expenses in a local. Probably by county.
-The Fed subsidizes it by a percentage up to the cap for what is consider poor based on the scale.
-Everyone buys commercial insurance if they want it and get a tax break for doing so. Those the are under the cap, get a subsidy.
-The government negotiates for best prices with the big providers, and there is a discount that is good for all. (Like Massachusetts)

This way, for those that can self-insure, are Christian Science or friends of Ron Hubbard, they are not forced ot have it. If you need it and want it, it is affordable. And if you priorities are a new HD TV and car that you can’t afford, and not insurance, don’t get sick.

Ruth asks…

I believe someone I know might be using health insurance on her children fraduantly, should this be reported?

Long story short, this individual has 2 children who she has shared custody of but primary residence. The children are under the father’s health insurance he has through work, but she has taken out a medical assistance insurance for when you have no health insurance for your children so she doesn’t have to pay any health costs out of pocket. Is this okay? If not should this be reported and to who? I live in Pennsylvania.

Sarah Fields answers:

Be glad she is making sure her children even have health insurance, and sorry to say it but you shouldn’t be worried about what she’s doing.

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