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Health Insurance For Children Question & Answers

2015 July 15
by Sarah Fields

Mandy asks…

If a woman already has health insurance for their children through their fathers work, can more be purchased?

In other words, if two parents are separated, and the children have health insurance coverage through the fathers work, can the mother purchase additional coverage to cover other charges not covered by the fathers insurance?

Sarah Fields answers:

A Hunch is correct. If there are 2 different plans in force, the primary plan is the plan that covers the parent born earlier in the year. What would happen is that the claims would be subrogated. For instance, the father was born in February & the mother was born in July; the father’s plan would then be primary. So all charges would have to go thru Dad’s plan for payment first before Mom’s plan would pay anything. Therefore, it might not be cost-effective for Mom to do this – not to mention possible aggravation in filing extra claims, etc.

If Mom’s plan @ work offers coverage for children, she might want to see if she can get an extra stipend for waiving placing them on coverage. With that and money she saved by not buying extra coverage, she might look into buying disability coverage for herself or extra life insurance for herself. Oh, if something were to happen to Dad’s coverage, she would be able to add them onto her coverage without waiting for any open enrollment period to occur.

Ken asks…

Who should pay for health insurance?

I go to school full time and we have 2 children. My husband is self-employed and we have no health insurance. The children do, medicaid. My husband says when I am done with school, I should work full time to provide the family with health insurance. When I am sick and need to go to the doctor, he gives me attitude because we will incur another bill. I say if he wants to be self-employed, he should make enough to pay for it, or get a real job.

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes a person who wishes to operate a business must do so with the understanding of what those costs are.

He has taxes, workers comp insurnace, libility insur and health insurance that have to be paid to be properly in buisness. If he is not making that much money, and the fact the kids are on medicaid, it says he is not making enough to really support the family, he needs to consider at least another part time job or a full time job and work the business part time till it gets big enough to support the family

Lizzie asks…

what is the best private health insurance for maternity and child birth ?

my wife is coming to america and we are buying privare health insurance for child birth ..does any one have recommendations for which private health insurance to buy ? how can i get maternity converage and how much does it cost to have a baby in america
she is not a citizen of US and not eligible for medicaid

Sarah Fields answers:

This site lists different plans and there pros and cons.

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