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Health Insurance For Children Question & Answers

2013 July 17
by Sarah Fields

Sandy asks…

Whats more important in this economy: health insurance for children or a buck in a smoker’s pocket?

The new tobacco tax will fund health insurance for Children. If I had to choose this seems to be a no brainer.

But for you, from a national level: what would you prioritize?

Sarah Fields answers:

We need people to quit smoking that way we save money in health related problems which is one of the factor of high health insurance and a big chunk of our budget.

Charles asks…

What is the best health insurance for my child?

My son hasn’t been born yet, but I want to start looking into health insurance for him. I really don’t know much about health insurance.. What is the best health insurance for a child?
That’s a really unhelpful answer. I don’t have a problem being able to afford insurance. I want the best coverage for my child. I don’t know where to look though.

Sarah Fields answers:

The one you can afford. Star with yours first.

Chris asks…

Affordable health insurance for children of students?

My brother wants to go to college, but if he leaves his job his kids wont have health insurance. Are there any good health insurance providers for children of students? My brother lives in Spokane, WA if that matters.

Sarah Fields answers:

Most colleges offer health insurance plans that you can purchase as long as you’re a student.
It will also allow him to have dependents so if he wanted to buy health insurance through the school he could put his children on it as well.
The coverage is usually good and it is a lot cheaper then buying individual insurance.
It might be something he wants to check into.

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