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Health Insurance Innovations Question & Answers

2015 December 28
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

How do people with serious health problems make it without health insurance?

I know that some people don’t. But those of you who are in that situation and are doing okay, how do you do it?
By “doing okay” I mean getting the medical care they need. I mean surviving in decent health. There are worse things that can happen to a person than having to declare bankruptcy. I posted this question in the “Diseases & Conditions” section for a reason.

Sarah Fields answers:

Many times they don’t. I know that is difficult to hear, but the sad fact is that those with health issues who don’t have a job with benefits, but are trying to get by on part-time or no benefits jobs should quit and go on ADC and Medicaid. That is the sad situation we live in, as the only western democracy without national health care.

I am thankful everyday that we have good health care insurance.

Just imagine all the innovation and creativity we are stifling in this country because people rely on employer health insurance and they are afraid to start their own businesses…because heaven forbid someone in their family comes down with a chronic illness and they can kiss affordable health insurance goodbye.

But the only answer I have is that you have to work hard to find the resources: community groups, drug companies, insurance agencies, etc… Write letters, make phone calls, whatever…, The only thing to be thankful for is that you know what you need. Imagine being sick or injured with lengthy hospital stays, endless tests, and the mounting bills.

And if you are not already depressed enough, read this story…. Here is what happens when you combine no national health care plan and a bunch of right wingers running a state.


Thank god I live in Illinois where a few years ago they passed healthcare for all kids.

Mary asks…

Why do the Republicans try and protect the medical establishment?

The “conservative” politicians and the insurance company executives do not mind what happens to millions of people.

Sarah Fields answers:

Republicans are not trying to protect the Medical establishment, they are trying to protect the greatest health care system in the world.

As always, when the government gets involves very few people who could get health care for themselves are being rewarded and everyone else is going to be punished.

In Places where they have Universal health care health care is not created. Doctors salaries are pushed down and the number of patients they have to treat go up. This means rationing of health care.

The other thing that happens is that the government makes it so that the pharmaceutical companies and other medical research companies can not be compensated for Research and development killing R&D in new technology and treatments. Why do you think that all of the innovations come from here in the US. One reason that our health care is so expensive is because we have to pay for all of the R&D from countries with Universal Health care. That is why you see no innovations coming from them.

Universal Health care is not free. Basically is will cost all of those that all ready prioritize health care and pay for it now weather they can really afford it or not. The Congressional Budget Office said that Obama’s plan will lead to an additional $1.6 TRILLION deficit over the next 10 years and will leave 35Million people without health care.

That means that those that do get health care that do not now will cost on average $60,000+.

Really, and do not let anyone tell you different, anyone in this country can have health insurance if it is their priority. When I graduated from HS I realized that I needed health insurance even though I was completely healthy so i got a job as a bank teller. Anyone can do this and there are plenty of jobs out there. Obviously there were many jobs that I would have rather had, but I prioritized health insurance, and people like me are the ones that will suffer under Obama’s plan.

In this country anyone that prioritizes it can have health insurance and get world class care. Obama is going to take it from those of every income class that have it as a priority and give it to those that simply do not.

Michael asks…

anybody know anything about Health Insurance and Innovations?

MedPlus STM is also a part of this company, which is underwritten by Starr Indemnity and Liability.

Sarah Fields answers:

This is a newer product that has recently started being sold as a replacement for major medical insurance due to the rising costs associated with health care reform.

It’s a short term product meaning it will expire in 6 or 12 months depending on the option you select. The company “Starr Indemnity” is an A rated carrier which states they are financially secure and I do personally sell them from time to time.

The biggest thing you need to decide before buying this product is the length for which you need it. If you need insurance for longer than 12 months, which most people do… I would advise against this purchase. If something were to happen to you in the next 12 months that rendered you uninsurable, you would be in a very bad position because the plan doesn’t automatically renew. You have to fill out a new application and go back through underwriting which would result in a decline due to the medical condition.

If you need health insurance for longer than 12 months and the person you’re talking to knows this, then get a new health insurance broker. A good broker wouldn’t make this an option without first advising you of this.

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