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Health Insurance Question & Answers

2014 February 24
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

Where can i get individual health insurance for me and my daughter that also covers pregnancy in connecticut?

I need to get health insurance for me and my 1 year old daughter. I am planning on becoming, or possibly already am pregnant but need insurance for us. Any help? This is in CT, so it is a state that does not require individual policies to cover pregnancy.

Sarah Fields answers:

There are many web sites online that offer health insurance quotes you can compare with no obligation.

Some health insurance plans may include coverage for pregnancy. You want to check with the plan when requesting your quotes.

Ask about pre-existing conditions coverage in the health plan and how your coverage and deductibles are applied to pregnancy – What exactly is covered. This way you won’t be surprised when you need the coverage during your pregnancy.

You want to make sure you understand the coverages offered, coverage limits, deductibles, co-pays, and exclusions for any pre-existing conditions. Try this site

Here you can get quotes from different health insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an individual health insurance with a reliable company.

Best Wishes,

Linda asks…

What is the best health insurance and cheapest that covers medical, dental and vision in Miami, FL?

I am searching to find the best possible health insurance that offers the lowest rates/charges, since I am fed up with my previous one that was too expensive and did not cover may of my visits. I need the insurance that covers medical, dental and vision and that it is for Miami-Dade county, Florida. Does anyone know? Thank you very much!

Sarah Fields answers:

Compare health insurance, 2insure4less:

Ruth asks…

What is individual and family health insurance?

I am planning to have family health insurance in these days but I want to understand the basic difference between individual and family health insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Individual and family health insurance is a type of health insurance coverage that is made available to individuals and families, rather than to employer groups or organizations. Given the option, most people would prefer to have their employer provide group health insurance coverage. But, if this is not an option for you, it is still important for you to seek coverage. You may be pleasantly surprised with the variety and affordability of the individual and family health insurance options available.
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