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Health Insurance Question & Answers

2015 September 1
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

Where can i find a good health insurance to pay for eye surgery?

Well I do not have health insurance and I was just wondering? Does anyone know of a good health insurance that would pay a large sum of money if I do get this surgery?

Sarah Fields answers:

I don’t know if you’ll be able to get Health Insurance with a pre-existing condition but you can always try the National Eye Institute, which supports eye research, they dont help individuals pay for eye care, however, if you are in need of financial aid to assess or treat an eye problem, you might find one or more programs at their site below:

Also, getting quoted is free so you have nothing to lose by shopping around, these will compare 12 carriers filling out just the one form so I saves a lot of time.
Hope you find something!

Sandy asks…

How does public health insurance work when you move to another state?

My dad has mainecare, which is the public health insurance in Maine. He is fully-covered.

We found out he has cancer and I live in Massachusetts, so he will need to live with us throughout his treatment.

Will he have to apply for public health insurance or will mainecare cover him?

Sarah Fields answers:

If he changes his legal residence (which he should be doing), then he will need to re-apply for coverage in Mass. Health insurance is state by state.

Ken asks…

What reputable health insurance companies are out there?

What reputable health insurance companies are out there
My mom doesn’t have health insurance and my job doesn’t give insurance to family members.

I would like to pay monthly to a health insurance company so my mom could get health check up when she needs it.

Do you know any health insurance companies that can accept low monthly payments since I don’t get paid that much?

Sarah Fields answers:

This site can help you to compare many health insurance companies at your state

Hope this help,

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