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Health Insurance Quotes Az Question & Answers

2013 December 17
by Sarah Fields

Ken asks…

I Need Dog Dental Help!?

Hi- my dog has two broken teeth that are going to eventually have to be extracted. By no means can we afford that, so i’m wondering if anyone knows of a place in the Phoenix, AZ area that will do it for cheaper. Even if it’s not in that area we’re willing to drive. I am open to paying for pet insurance if that is covered, as long as he doesn’t get turned away for having a pre existing condition so if you know any of those as well i’m open to suggestions. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

Pricing will probably depend on the size of your dog as well as which teeth need to be extracted. Molars will be much more expensive than front, and large breeds are generally more expensive than the toy sized dogs. Try calling around to get a sense of what different places can offer, and stay away from dental specialists unless absolutely necessary as they will be pricer.

Most Spay and Neuter Clinics also offer dental services that are overlooked. Scottsdale Spay and Neuter cites $52 for an extraction on their web-site, but no specifics. Http://

Cornerstone Animal Hospital has a review stating they extracted a tooth for 1/3 of the quote the owner received from another vet:

Worst case scenario, you can look into clinics that accept Care Credit. Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists is one, and although probably more expensive, they do accept it.
Care Credit is actually a credit card specially used for health services…but is not only accepted by a lot of vets, but also human dentists and such as well. They offer periods of 0% interest and no annual fees. Cheaper is always better, but this could be an option if needed. It saved my butt when I had a sick ferret, and then I turned around and used it for my own dental cleaning down the road. :)

Carol asks…

Any practical ways to reduce the money I spend on gas and bills?

I drive a truck and the cost of gas is hurting me so bad. When it comes between gas and groceries gas usually wins because I can’t just sit at home, I have to go to school and work. I only work two miles away from my work but riding a bike or walking is completely out of the question. I live in Arizona, it is 113 degrees outside when I have to get to work.

I can’t sell my truck because of finances.

And since I live in AZ, my power bills are through the roof because of air conditioning.

I am having such a hard times making ends meet and don’t see an end in sight for the whole gas problem.

Any ideas?

Sarah Fields answers:

Try to figure out where all you will need to go before you leave your house each day and plan trips so you dont have to backtrack. If you pass the school when you go from home to work don’t go home between work & school. Take what you need with you.

Increase the A/C temperture when you leave to go to work each day (Pets don’t die if your house is 80 degrees, and 90 is no one’s home) , and consider making the house a couple of degres warmer when you go to sleep at night and using a thinner blanket. Consider getting a window unit and only cooling one room of your home if your house is set up appropriately for that system.

Keep your electronics off- not on stand by- when unused. They give off heat.

Get surge protectors and turn them off at night to reduce phantom electric loads.

Try to find cheaper substitutes for the stuff you buy. Buy sodas at the grocery store insteadof at the vending machines at work to cut snack costs.

Eat via grocery stores. Fast food is crazy cheap,but you have to add in the cost to go get it, plus the health costs. Sit down food places are even worse.

Take a serious look at your bills and how you use services. You may have cable, but rarely watch TV. You have an overused cellphone and a pointless LAN line. If you are in a building with a friend, you might be able to split the cost of internet using a wireless router. Look at contracts before canceling services! Get a yearly quote on insurance of all kinds. Look at your bank statement- you should be able to fid free checking somewhere,and if your being eaten by ATM fees you need to locate a different ATM or change banks to match the ATMs you use.

Look online for systems to make budets and to save money.

Good Luck.

John asks…

I just applied for disability for the first time and have questions…?

I have somewhat rapidly progressive degenerative disk disease (I know everyone has this throughout life, it is the process of getting older, but I have the spine of roughly a 60 year old and I am only 23). Six years ago the problem was pointed out to me by my doctor when I complained of back, knee, and hip pain. I had x-rays and eventually an MRI, which showed (and I quote from the report by the MRI specialist) “mild degenerative disease in (can’t remember exactly the location by number, but it was midway down my back, I think it was around the end of thoracic and into the lumbar) with some compression of disks between X and Y (again, can’t remember the exact location by number), also scoliosis with an X degree (pretty minor, but noticeable enough to the touch) curvature”. The pain and stiffness in my back seems to begin around the bottom of the curvature, which is where the compressed disks are. That was six years ago, and on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being best and 10 being worst) my pain over the four or five following years was about a 3 or 4. Over the past year or so it has increased steadily, up until about a year ago when it reached about an 8 or 9. I can barely walk, I can barely manage to bend over, I have a difficult time even doing simple things like standing to brush my teeth or take a shower because it causes me so much pain and stiffness. I also have decreased sensation/movement ability in my legs, so it takes me 100 times more effort and energy than it did before just to stand and walk. If I sit for more than 15 minutes or so in a chair, my back hurts and gets stiff to the point I can only drag myself out of bed to use the bathroom, otherwise I can’t hardly move for about 2 or 3 days. Both of my parents have the same problems, my mom is fully disabled and collects SSDI, my dad is going to hopefully begin the process soon (his doctor keeps suggesting it, but he’s proud and refuses, although he is in the same position my mom and I are in).

My question, after explaining some of the situation, is several parts:

I haven’t seen a doctor as much as I should. I never really had good experiences with doctors, every time I would go in with a bad urinary infection or and eye infection or a very painful joint, they treated me like I was wasting their time. So I only have the MRI and x-rays from 6 years ago, plus some new x-rays my new doctor (whom I have seen only once) had done, and I don’t know what those show yet as I have not gone back to see him yet (I have an appointment next week to discuss that with him). Without a lot of evidence, what are my options with getting disability (SSDI)? Will they just send me to one of their doctors to get looked at, since I don’t have a lot of documentation from my doctors?

I like my doctor so far, but I have only seen him once, and I am hesitant to start talking to him about getting on disability. I have already applied, I applied about 3 days ago online, and I am finishing the rest of the paperwork I have to do to give SSA this week. Do I have to bring it up to him, or will they contact him? And if I bring it up, what’s the best way to approach it? I don’t know him at all, and I have never had to discuss this with anyone before, so what do I say?

For those of you who have filled out the stuff online – I filled out the paperwork for SSDI, but I think I still have to fill out stuff for SSI. How do I do that? I just don’t want to miss anything and end up delaying or screwing up my claim. Any guidance is wonderful!

I have many more questions, but that should suffice for now. Look for my other questions on here soon, because I would like the same people to give me their input on those, as well, since I will have your input here and can kind of “continue” on another question.

Thanks in advance! Also, if anyone knows of any support groups in the Prescott, AZ area, I would appreciate that info, as well. :)

Sarah Fields answers:

OKAY lets talk turkey….. #1 lets get you to a pain management clinic i don”t know who your doc is but unless he specializes in pain don’t rely on him for that you will need good insurance they don’t take medicaid unless you are a child are you insured if not then you will have to depend on your current doctor. But make sure you take all your x rays mri records all that stuff lets get rid of pain 1st —— Then as far a social security disability go you must have had a very recent 10 year work history or they are going to tell you no anyway and then you will have to settle for SSI be sure to put paper work in for both at the same time. IF you don’t have paper get it all at the social security office. Next those tv lawyers are not on tv for their own health get a disability lawyer no hands down because if you don’t you will loose your case no ifs ands or buts. Now social security will turn you down the first time that is standard practice and they will do this before you even get to see a law judge on your case expect this to take about three years before you see any results any way also standard practice meanwhile an amount that you will be eligible for each month will be accumulating so if and when you win your case then you will get a big back pay check that the lawyers will get 33!/3 % of. YOU get the rest but the rest in my case was 23.000.00 so it is a big check its determined by how much you made in the last 10 yrs. But standard practice is it will take at least that long before you see a dime. Make sure you keep all medical records up to date if you can get your doc to give you a diagnosis that’s in your favor that’s great you’ll need it when you get to court. Yes social security will demand that you see one of their doctors its now you against social security. And they will have their reps in court to ask the judge to deny your claim its nothing against you its standard practice. GET A LAWYER NOW DO NT WAIT FOR THREE YEARS. That is what they are there for. They are on your side it sounds cruel but they need you to make their paycheck understand. If you loose they loose. And they have to eat as well. Any lawyer worth his salt will make sure you have all the paperwork in that you need to have. Work with one make sure you tell him about all the paperwork you need to check on for your case . GOOD LUCK take care PAIN FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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