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Health Insurance Quotes For Children Only Question & Answers

2013 October 15
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

Where do I start with medical insurance?

I work at a small Real Estate comany as an office administrator, and no health insurance is offered. Honestly, I do not make enough to afford most of the plans I’ve looked into. On top of that, I have the Insurance Agents calling me non stop everytime I visit a website to try and find a quote. So frustrating! Anyway, I am only 21 years old. My mom and dad divorced 2 years ago, my mom no longer has health insurance, but my younger brother is still covered under my father’s health insurance (United Healthcare). He’s 14. I’ve heard about a “young adult rider” for Blue Cross Insurance, (where you can still cover your child after age 18 for a little extra more each month) but wondering if anything like that is available for United Healthcare? I am not in school full time, I am only attending Real Estate Courses, which don’t count for anything in the insurance world. What can I do to find some sort of coverage that won’t make me go bankrupt? I need some insight, thanks for the help.
In response to the first question: If you lived in MIchigan, you would know that it’s nearly impossible to find health coverage anywhere. Our economy is about the worst in the country.

And to the second question, now that i’m 21, I’ve been turned down for Medicaid. That’s michigan for ya.

Sarah Fields answers:

I sent you an email, while I do not sell individual, nor do I work in your state, lets look at what your options are and what they really mean….

Laura asks…

How long can i remain under my parents health insurance?

I am 21 and not currently a full-time student. but after this new healthcare reform stuff I have heard that i can jump back onto my parents health insurance until i am 26, even with me not being a full-time student. any truth to this?

Sarah Fields answers:


I quote (so don’t give me the credit): “If you are talking about the health bill; adult children through age 26 can stay on their parents’ plan beginning with plan year 9/23/10. Plan years can be at any time and is when the policy comes up for renewal. For example, if your policy plan year starts in October you can go back on the plan starting October 2010. If, however, your plan year starts in September you can’t go back on until September 2011, at which time you won’t be 26 anymore.”

James asks…

Can you purchase an independent health insuturance plan if you are employed full time?

I am currently employed, full time-Our health insurance is very expensive. I am paying $294.00 for just health insurance, no vision or dental, for me and one child. I would like to purchase a a better plan through an independent organization but the ones I have looked up online will not allow you to purchase if health insurance is provided at your job-my employer does pay a portion of my premium. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find a better policy?

Sarah Fields answers:

Of course -get a variety of quotes & choose the policy that fits your needs and budget best.

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