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Health Insurance Quotes For Children Question & Answers

2016 March 17
by Sarah Fields

Steven asks…

How does multi-line auto insurance work?

If I get a multi line discount with someone are we able to pay separately, and if one of us were to get into an accident or get a ticket would it effect their premium?

Sarah Fields answers:

If you get a multi-line discount…its’ from ordering various kinds of insurance from the same company! That means – life insurance & health Insurance and auto insurance and homeowners or renters insurance – that’s multi-line (same company handles all those type of insurance classes). The way your question reads, its sounds like you are two different people – lovers, SOs, or business partners who are worried that the other persons activity (accidents or tickets) would affect the others premium! Not likely – if your other half (partner) or even minor child has an accident – the policy pays off either way. You might suffer later when you renew (if claims are made against your auto policy) but normally – both of your driving records are considered before a quote is tendered.

Mary asks…

Which is the better life policy for a 68 woman, a 15 or 20 year term, or a whole life policy?

My husband, also 68, has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, his term life insurance expires Aug. 2009. He is no longer insurable until he has been cancer free for 2 yrs. I have 2 adult children. We own our home on 6 acres and have a show dog hobby/business.

Sarah Fields answers:

Your husband may be insured but the cost would be very high and the amount would not be high. I would contact Presidential Insurance and let them give you a quote,it can’t hurt. My condolences on his condition. If you are in good health I would recommend the 15 year level term.

Helen asks…

Do you think it is unusual or stupid for a lack of a better word for women to vote for Republicans?

I was just wondering anyone else thinks it’s crazy when women vote for Republicans. Primarily, Republicans are all about taking away women’s rights. For example, MItt Romney said he would not sign the Lilly Ledbetter Act which supports equal pay for equal work; women get paid the same as men. Many of them want to allow health insurance companies to discriminate against women by charging women higher premiums than men or denying women coverage based on “pre-existing conditions” like being pregnant. Most of them want to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape or incest. Now, I am not against anyone being pro-life, however, Republicans go even farther than that. Some of them seem delusional and ignorant. For instance, look at Richard Mourdock. He talks about how when a woman is raped it is something “that God intended” and “a gift.” Then we have to look at Todd Akin who is so ignorant he believes that in cases of rape “pregnancy is rare, the body has a way of shutting those things down” (not exact quote, but more or less). You have to be either an idiot or someone who has never taken a biology class to believe that. Moreover, if you wan’t to be pro-life then fine, be pro-life. I respect that. However, Republicans like to preach that every life is valuable, but they want to cut programs like WIC(women, infants and children) that help women take care of their newborns and public school spending,which helps educate these children. I mean you can’t have it both ways. You want a pregnant woman not ready for a baby to keep it, but then not be able to provide for it. There are many more things, I could honestly go on an on. So, what does everyone think?
@metalhead498. I see what you’re saying. However, I have to note that Democrats are the ones that care about the economy and want to see the unemployment rate decline. Republicans are all about social issues. I feel it’s the opposite :)
@HNST… I added the question there, so I could get some more answers. Thanks for your help!
@Lacey, I didn’t really say that. I used stupid “for lack or a better word” but I do think it goes against their best interests.
@Invisible Man. Clearly you’re a Republican, because that’s exactly what Mitt Romney said.
@Invisible man: women do not have fair pay for equal work. Check this out; especially the chart:

@ Mr. Chao: What about cases of rape or incest? They didn’t want the child and did nothing to earn it, yet are forced to care for it. You are the ignorant one.
@Mr. Chao: Yes, men often do neglect there kids. It’s called refusing to pay child support.
@Lacey, I have to respectfully disagree. Conservatives focus on “family values,” religion, gun rights, abortion, war, and things like that in my opinion :)
@Lacey, I have to respectfully disagree. Conservatives focus on “family values,” religion, gun rights, abortion, war, and things like that in my opinion :)
@Lacey, I have to respectfully disagree. Conservatives focus on “family values,” religion, gun rights, abortion, war, and things like that in my opinion :)
@Lacey, I have to respectfully disagree. Conservatives focus on “family values,” religion, gun rights, abortion, war, and things like that in my opinion :)
@Mr. Chao; no I don’t support men not paying child support. However, in cases of not allowing a woman to have an abortion, esp in cases of rape and incest is giving men “a free pass”
@Scenario: Obama is not trying to take away gun rights, but he does want tighter restraints on them, which is smart.
@Lacey: also, I think Democrats are the more “logical” ones. Many Republicans don’t even think global warming exists and they always defend their positions with religion, which is something that can’t be proven. For instance, they say global warming isn’t real by saying, “God is the one who will choose when this happens” whereas Democrats look at scientific studies and affirm that global warming exists :)
@sarahsmile, what does “You’ve been had” mean?
@sarahsmile: I’m 20 and in college, I don’t have children.
@Sarahsmile: yes, I know “money” doesn’t grow on trees” I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, I grew up lower middle class. In fact, I’m on an academic scholarship to go to college, another thing Republicans want to take away.
@sarahsmile: poor thing, you seem to have a very limited intelligence. I believe you’re the one that’s been brainwashed. Did you go to college?
@Scenario: that’s not even a legitimate website, someone just posted it, it’s not like an established site is what I mean. But I do appreciate you respectfully responding unlike Sarah Smile who clearly grew up with a silver spoon and has never known what it’s like to be in need of something.
@SarahSmile; you really don’t have a brain. I hope you remember this when there comes a time in your life when you’re down on your luck and need a hand. I don’t believe that you didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. NO offense, but you sound like a rich pampered girl that never had to work a day in your life. I bet you think “working your a$$ off” is babysitting.
@sarahsmile: yes, they do want to do away with public education:

Everyone knows this, even Republicans will tell you this to your face. More proof your the one without a brain.
Well, I’m 20 I can promise you that, and I hope you know that Republicans want to increase taxes for middle class people and cut taxes for the top 2% of the wealthy. They have a moronic idea that cutting taxes for those big businesses will allow them to hire more people and therefore there will be less unemployment. The reality is that this has never worked. Taxes breaks need to be cut for the middle class, they have more spending money, they go and buy things, and the economy improves. Look at history, and then tell me I’m wrong.
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@Sarahsmile: by the way, libertarians are anything goes group. They believe that if you don’t want to serve a black person at a restaurant you shouldn’t have to.” I hope you realize how ignorant you sound.

Sarah Fields answers:

People’s motivations for voting the way they do, can not simply be boiled down to “stupid.”

I agree with you though. Why on earth would a woman be on board with the Republican agenda?

It is because they have a different opinion of what is best for women, men and families. They have a different approach. Conservatives tend to be more invested in existing social hierarchies and authority. These women probably feel safer and better voting for a guy like Romney because he protects wealthy, white people. And if they are wealthy and white, he is their guy.

They also tend to have a more binary view of social problems. If a woman gets pregnant, it is because she was careless and should deal with the consequences. Bad things happen to people who behave badly. So don’t be bad. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with material success. If you aren’t successful, it is because you aren’t working hard enough and poverty is a moral failing. Why support people who are moral failures? That is their way of thinking. I am oversimplifying but you get the idea.

I am no great fan of conservatives. I am sure you can tell. But their agenda works for a lot of women.

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