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Health Insurance Quotes For Children Question & Answers

2014 January 31
by Sarah Fields

Thomas asks…

If the USA gets nationalized health care, where will Canadians go to get cancer treatment?

And where will Americans go? India?

And Nancy, what about the children?
Apparently, this question is a little over your heads. If there is no private health care in the USA, there will be no services for non-Americans unless you are an illegal alien.
Yeah, and I never met a Canadian hockey player, but I am sure there are a bunch.

Sarah Fields answers:

They will stay in Canada…haven’t you heard…the day before BO waved the white flag Canada said they are considering privatized health care insurance as their system is imploding and it can’t go on. It is THAT BAD!

Maybe the socialists in this country can go up there now and use their health care before it is gone.

I would hope this would tell those that believe in socialism that it DOES NOT WORK IN OTHER COUNTRIES…so it WILL NOT WORK HERE EITHER!

But we still have those that like that long drink of koolaide. It just is taking longer in some to realize that they are dying out

Yesterday’s news…..

As President Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress try to force healthcare reform on an American population largely pleased with the current system, our neighbors to the north are actually considering improving their structure by — wait for it!!! — welcoming additional competition from private insurers.

I kid you not.

Within hours of the Obama administration saying that it might consider a reform package without a government option, the Canadian Press inconveniently reported the following:
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The incoming president of the Canadian Medical Association says this country’s health-care system is sick and doctors need to develop a plan to cure it.

Dr. Anne Doig says patients are getting less than optimal care and she adds that physicians from across the country – who will gather in Saskatoon on Sunday for their annual meeting – recognize that changes must be made.

“We all agree that the system is imploding, we all agree that things are more precarious than perhaps Canadians realize,” Doing said in an interview with The Canadian Press. […]

[Dr. Robert Ouellet, the current president of the CMA] has been saying since his return that “a health-care revolution has passed us by,” that it’s possible to make wait lists disappear while maintaining universal coverage and “that competition should be welcomed, not feared.”

In other words, Ouellet believes there could be a role for private health-care delivery within the public system.

Oh my! Canada’s government-run healthcare system is in a state of disarray, so much so that they’re considering increasing competition by allowing folks to buy private insurance.

That’ll surely help Obama’s cause!

But here’s the money quote:

“(Canadians) have to understand that the system that we have right now – if it keeps on going without change – is not sustainable,” said Doig.

“They have to look at the evidence that’s being presented and will be presented at (the meeting) and realize what Canada’s doctors are trying to tell you, that you can get better care than what you’re getting and we all have to participate in the discussion around how do we do that and of course how do we pay for it.”

It’s going to be absolutely delicious to see how this gets reported by Obama-loving media in the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned.

Donna asks…

How do Libertarian views differ from Republican and Liberal ones?

They all seem to be in favor of small gov and individual freedom so what are their differences?

Sarah Fields answers:

Libertarian Party on Abortion
* Government should be kept out of the matter of abortion. (May 2008)
* Abortion is a woman’s choice and does not concern the state. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Budget & Economy

* Reduce taxes, spending, and eliminate controls on trade. (Jul 2000)
* Abolish all regulation of banks in favor of free market. (Jul 2000)
* Pass constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Civil Rights

* Support individual’s right to choose, even if we disapprove. (May 2008)
* Repeal all laws against homosexuality. (Jul 2000)
* Right to complete freedom of expression includes pornography. (Jul 2000)
* Redress the wrongs of the U.S. Towards the Indians. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Corporations

No issue stance yet recorded by

Libertarian Party on Crime
Click here for 6 full quotes on Crime OR other political leaders on Crime.

* Three Strikes approach is illusory & dangerous. (Nov 2000)
* Omnibus Crime Bill, including death penalty, has failed. (Nov 2000)
* Encourage private efforts to fight crime. (Jul 2000)
* Allow drugs, alcohol, prostitution, gambling, and suicide. (Jul 2000)
* Strengthen, not reduce, the rights of the accused. (Jul 2000)
* Hate crimes are used to punish blacks. (Feb 2000)

Libertarian Party on Drugs

* Repeal all drug laws creating “crimes” without victims. (May 2008)
* The war on drugs threatens individual liberties. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Education

* Let parents control all educational funding. (May 2008)
* Poor kids end up at worst schools in current system. (Nov 2000)
* Separation of education and State. (Jul 2000)
* End compulsory busing & compulsory education. (Jul 2000)
School Choice
* Support a market in education to provide more choices. (Nov 2000)
* The state should stay out of education. (Jul 2000)
* Treat private school funding the same as public schools. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Energy & Oil

* Oppose government control of energy pricing and production. (May 2008)

Libertarian Party on Environment

* Gale Norton is ‘giant leap’ for environmental sense. (Jan 2001)
* Government is the worst polluter. (Nov 2000)
* The parties responsible for pollution should be held liable. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Families & Children

* Keep families free from government intrusion. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Foreign Policy
Click here for 2 full quotes on Foreign Policy OR other political leaders on Foreign Policy.

* Tyranny around the world must be condemned. (Jul 2000)
* No U.S. Intervention in the affairs of other countries. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Free Trade

* Remove governmental impediments to free trade. (May 2008)
* Prosperity will come from unrestricted free markets. (Jul 2000)
* Abolish all trade barriers and agreements. (Jul 2000)
* Abolish all trade barriers and trade agreements. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Government Reform

* Repeal laws which restrict voluntary financing of campaigns. (May 2008)
* The government should keep “hands off” the economy. (Jul 2000)
* Abolish the Department of Energy. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Gun Control

* Affirm the right to keep and bear arms. (May 2008)
* Repeal all gun control laws and regulation of weapons. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Health Care

* Restore and revive a free market health care system. (May 2008)
* Government should not be in the health insurance business. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Homeland Security

* Military should defend against aggression; not world police. (May 2008)
* Reduce defense spending by half; just defend the US. (Nov 2000)
* Build missile defense privately, with federal “reward”. (Nov 2000)
* Oppose any form of national service. (Jul 2000)
* Eliminate nuclear weapons & bring all U.S. Troops home. (Jul 2000)
* Support resistance to the draft. (Aug 1981)

Libertarian Party on Immigration

* Eliminate all restrictions on immigration. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Jobs
Click here for 2 full quotes on Jobs OR other political leaders on Jobs.

* Union activity by choice only. (Jul 2000)
* No welfare & no restrictions on work. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Principles & Values

* Encourage individual freedom without government interference. (Jul 2000)
* Church and state should be completely separate. (Jul 2000)
* No taxation or regulation of private property. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Social Security

* Replace the Social Security system with a private system. (May 2008)
* Privatize Social Security. (Jul 2000)

Libertarian Party on Tax Reform

* Repeal the income tax and abol

Robert asks…

How can I get low cost ivf treatment?

I have medical insurance through united health care. However my insurance covers only diagnosis of infertility and surgery to correct bodily defects, but not in vitro. I’m 41 and running short on time. Please help with info…if you are a doctor and can help let me know…I have 3 much older children and I have unexplained infertility. I can fly anywhere in world, airline employee.
@William, I wasn’t looking for a solicitation to buy insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are willing to go international – I have heard great things about India.

But before you do that, I recommend that you contact Fertility Life lines – they have a free hotline that you can call and have someone help you to better understand your current coverage make sure that there is nothing that you are missing. They also have information shared risk programs

Here are some other suggestions:

1) Start with the RE – most doctors have a team that can help you with finding ways to pay for your treatment – coming up payment plans and may even be able to recommend medical studies / clinical trials that you may be able to participate in.

2) Grants -there are groups out there that fund raise for fertility treatments – you need to apply and cross your fingers.

3) Loans – banks and credit card companies (my friend used Capital One) offer fertility loans with fair interest rates and payment plans. Maybe see if you can borrow from a family member.

4) Serious budgeting – I also know couples who have taken part time / seasonal jobs to save up for treatments, sold things on ebay etc . . .

5) See if your employer as a flex spending account – you can set aside money tax free for medical things – everything from IVF to prescriptions to eye glasses etc . . .

Here is a great link:

Good Luck & best wishes.

PS – do NOT respond to anyone who says “I recall my plan covers it” and go to this random website for a quote . . . It is a scam, identity theft.

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