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Health Insurance Quotes For Children Question & Answers

2014 November 8
by Sarah Fields

James asks…

Why do so many people complain of being paid low wages?

They work in factories or in the construction, or cleaning, doing some menial and insignificant work, and they still ask to be paid like a doctor?

Time to understand that the role of the majority is to serve the minority, be paid accordingly, and still be thankful for that.

Thanks for your answer.

Sarah Fields answers:

I would like to quote whomever said this
(To work for 40 or more hours a week and not be able to buy the necessities of life? Not that they should be paid Doctor wages, but a living wage is only fair. If “role of the majority is to serve the minority” then slavery is justified according to that attitude. Laid off in 2004 and only finding part time work since then I do not have the following:
1) Cable tv and DSL (just antenna t.v.)
2) Fancy cell phone (iPhone, etc.) (never owned one)
3) $25,000+ car (2003 Toyota Echo)
4) vacation trip every year (Not since 1992)
I also have no Health Insurance Coverage. I go to food banks to get food and am on the verge of losing my home to foreclosure.)

this is why we need higher wages. Consider also these bills
car payment 340/per month
car insurance 157/monthly ( cheapest we could get)
groceries/diapers/wipes around 200 every 2 weeks
phone/internet 167 monthly
all this and we only make around 1400 after taxes/rent/utilities, and my husband is in the military, not saying he should get paid higher but it’s hard on us with his pay so i can just imagine living with us working a min. Wage job.
I worked at toysrus for 7 bucks an hour on 40 hour weeks and after tax only made 270 bucks every two weeks, sorry but times that by 2 a month and there is no way people can live on that. Especially people with children.

Helen asks…

what is the best health insurance which covers maternity in houston?

(it must cover from the day I buy it)

Sarah Fields answers:

If you are already pregnant and do not have health insurance then you will not be eligible for an individual health insurance plan until after you have the child.

You may be able to be accepted onto a group health insurance plan but typically if you have not had prior health insurance coverage then they will not cover pregnancy or any other procedure for 12 month that you have sought medical advice or treatment for in the 6 months prior to joining the group plan.

If you are not yet pregnant then you will want to compare quotes from Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX, Humana, UniCare, United Healthcare, and Aetna.

Here is some more information on maternity health insurance:

George asks…

How did the democrats or Liberals destroy america?

Or ARE destroying america. All i hear is that the “whackjob Liberals” and “loony left fascists” utterly destroyed america.

In what way? Hasn’t the republicans and right wingers been in power for the past 8 years? I figured Most all the legislation that was passed is theirs!

Sarah Fields answers:

Neither party is destroying America.

“We the people” are.

When you allow vocal minorities to influence politicians and not hold them accountable. When your more worried about a gay couple getting married than American soldiers dying daily in a meaningless war. When male dominated legislatures pass laws controlling what a woman can do with her body.

When, for the first time in the history of this country, states have passed constitutional amendments limiting the rights of American citizens instead of guaranteeing them.

When we let the government tap our phone lines, read our emails without the approval of a court and then let the President of the United States, in defiance of a court decision, continue to violate the law without the congress demanding why and we not demanding the same answer from congress.

When we let health insurance companies refuse to pay for procedures for seriously ill children because the odds are it won’t work when not getting the procedure will certainly result in death.

We have lost something along the way. Our founders saw our congress and presidents as part-time employees serving a couple of terms and going home. We now have career politicians that lose touch with the common citizen.

A couple of quotes from the movie “V for Vendetta” sums it up quite nicely:

“If you want to know who is responsible, you need only look in the mirror.”

“People should not be afraid of their government. The government should be afraid of the people”

Let’s face it, it’s time to kick ourselves in the butt and take the country back from corrupt politiicians, companies that pollute our environment and to stop judging other people based on your beliefs.

Oh, and to the person who says I should leave because I don’t think like he does:

Get over it, I’m an American citizen and I will say and do whatever I damn well please within the bounds of the law. People that say other people should leave because they don’t like them are the same people that brought Hitler power.

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