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Health Insurance Quotes In Arizona Question & Answers

2014 August 10
by Sarah Fields

Charles asks…

what is a cheap and good insurance in arizona?

Sarah Fields answers:

Insurance for what? Life, health, auto, home, long-term care? I recommend speaking with an insurance broker. Brokers work with several insurance companies and can find the best deal for you. They usually handle more than one type of insurance. To find a broker in your area, visit one or more of these sites and fill out a form requesting a quote:,, A broker in your area who will contact you. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Why do some Conservatives still call Obama an unconstitutional socialist because of the health care mandate?

We all know it was originally a Republican idea, so how can mandating health care coverage be unconstitutional or socialist? Isn’t anti-socialism and constitutionality the main points Republicans always use to prove something’s validity?


“‘The truth is this is a Republican idea,’ said Linda Quick , president of the South Florida Hospital and Health care Association. She said she first heard the concept of the “individual mandate” in a Miami speech in the early 1990s by Sen. John McCain , a conservative Republican from Arizona , to counter the “Hillarycare” the Clintons were proposing.

McCain did not embrace the concept during his 2008 election campaign, but other leading Republicans did, including Tommy Thompson , secretary of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush.”

Seeking to deradicalize the idea during a symposium in Orlando in September 2008 , Thompson said, ‘Just like people are required to have car insurance, they could be required to have health insurance.'” (I guess that quote explains why liberals keep bringing up car insurance.)

In the early 1970s, President Nixon favored a mandate that employers provide insurance. In the 1990s, the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, embraced an individual requirement. Not anymore.”

Could this be proof of the divisiveness of the Republican party? Or is it just becoming more obstructionist? More conservative? What do you think?

Sarah Fields answers:

The current president has people on both sides not all one or the other who think his health care reform is what everyone has wanted for decades but because he is acting on it suddenly there are red flags raised.

Sandy asks…

I am trying to purchase health insurance!?

but, i dont understand what the deductable is for? i have no health problems but i need the insurance to purchase some eye drops called restasis which cost about 220 dollars monthly, i got some quotes online and i saw some deductables that were 1,000 dollars, do i have to pay this to get the drops or is this for like surgeries or something and if yes, is this an only one time payment? what is the coinsurace?

Sarah Fields answers:

First of all, insurance laws and policies very from state to state. I am licensed in Arizona and can help you here, but if you live in another state, your best bet is to contact someone there.

It’s FREE! Commissions are always included in the price you pay for insurance whether an agent helps you or not, so if you have questions like this, let one of us know.

Without knowing exactly what plan and what state, the answer is: maybe.

Deductibles typically cover major medical expenses. Prescriptions are usually addressed seperately if at all. Sometimes, plans include prescription benefits with the deductible, sometimes with a seperate deductible just for prescriptions, and sometimes with no deductible and a co-pay or discount.

Co-insurance is when the cost is split between you and the insurance company. This is most common with PPO and POS plans. A typical arrangement might be that you have a deductible which you pay before an insurance company pays anything, a co-insurance that starts after that, and an out-of-pocket maximum.

Let’s put the eye drops aside for a minute and look at the insurance as also protecting you should anything else happen. When comparing plans, ask yourself “How much could I afford to pay if I had an emergency?”, and “How many times did I go to the doctor each year in the last three years?”
Your answers to these two questions should help you choose between which plans may be the most help for you in the future.

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