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Health Insurance Quotes Nc Question & Answers

2013 December 31
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…

How much cheaper is it to move yourself across the US than it is to hire someone?

Never moved!
3 BR 1.5 bath
How much ?
Compaire and contrast!
AKA a moving service

Sarah Fields answers:

If you’re healthy enough to do all the lifting & loading yourself + do your own packing + your own driving + sleep in the truck + pack your own food – sure you could save a few hundred dollars to near $1000.

Its best to get quotes from at least 3 national moving companies while you also look into renting your own truck, or packing one of those pods (the moving company drops the pod at your current address, you pack/load it, then they pick it up & truck it to your new address, where you unload it, then they pick up the empty pod).

The 2 main things the moving company bases their price on is the total weight of all that you’re moving & the mileage between your current address & your new address; BUT other things that will increase the cost of your move are the type & amount of insurance you get to cover what’s being moved; how many flights of stairs the mover has to go up & down to load & unload at each location; how many men are on the moving crew; how close they can pull their truck up to load/unload at each location + how many energy drinks you buy to hand out to the moving crew & how much you tip the driver & loaders at each location.

I moved about 2 years ago from NY to NC with what was considered a “light load” of around 7000 pounds (not much furniture, no appliances, but over 120 boxes) & a distance of around 900 miles. I did my own packing & labeling & moved from a 2 story, 3BR home to a 1st floor apt. My total cost, for a 3 man crew, including insurance, beverages & tips was around $4000.

When I moved from that apt. To a larger apt. 115 miles away this year, it cost me $2200 for a 2 man crew with a different mover. Go figure!!

If I had my health & could do all the loading/unloading myself I’d use the pod.

George asks…

Health Insurance in NC?

Recommendations for Health Insurance in NC for adult and Child. Any good experiences with service and cost?

Sarah Fields answers:

One option you have for health insurance in NC is to compare plans and rates through InsureMe.

InsureMe is one of the leading online health insurance quote providers, helping millions of consumers shop for insurance online since 1993.

You fill out one form, one time and compare up to five free quotes from leading health insurers nationwide. To Request a free, no obligation quote, Go to – offers you side-by-side quote comparisons from a large network of health insurers across the country.

I hope that helps! Take care and best of luck!

Michael asks…

i live in the morganton nc area and i dont have any health insurance and i have fibermialga i need a doctor?

i have to go to the local good samaritan clinic because i have been denied medicaid io do have many other health problems but this doctor does not want to treat what he has told me which was i have fibermialga and i hurt really bad can anyone help me please

Sarah Fields answers:

If your doctor gave you an official diagnosis of fibromialgia that’s not good for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies in NC will decline or max rate for fibromialgia. Fibromialgia is a very nebulous diagnosis and insurance companies are scared of it.

If you can afford health insurance I would apply and see how your rates come back. If your rates are too high then you have a couple other options. 1. You can apply for insurance as a sole proprietor (a one person group plan) if you are self employed. 2. You can find an employer that offers health insurance (like Starbucks). 3. In 2009 NC is going to offer a insurance to high risk cases for discounted rates (they will be higher than average but more affordable than guaranteed issue policies).

In my opinion, discount policies are a waste of money. They do offer discounts, but many times you can negotiate those same discounts with a provider if you are paying out of pocket.

I’m a NC group health insurance broker and a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina exclusive individual agent. If you would like me to run some quotes for you let me know. If you still haven’t found anything by 2009, give me a call and I’ll see if I can help you apply for the state funded plan.

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