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Health Insurance Quotes Pa Question & Answers

2013 December 10
by Sarah Fields

Susan asks…

How do I start selling health insurance in the state of PA?

Sarah Fields answers:

First, you get a license to sell health insurance. Then, you find a company willing to let you sell their insurance, and ask them for applications. THEN, you find people interested in quotes, and help them fill the applications and mail/fax them in.

Donna asks…

How much should I pay to get a 12 by 18ft room painted?

I want to do a little remodeling and don’t have much money. At the same time I can’t do it myself because of health problems. Give me some estimates of what it would cost per room…thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

According to your dimensions the ceiling would cost $162 and the walls would cost $360. That is two coats and includes the price of the paint and any patching or caulking. Get different quotes and references. Accept nothing other than perfection. Check insurance, don’t just ask. If someone is significantly lower than the others find out why. Also if the ceiling is in good shape you may not have to do it or you can just one coat it. I live in pittsburgh pa and those are the prices i charge using paint that cost about $30/ gal. Also make sure they clean up and vacuum when they’re done. Good luck

Steven asks…

Is there a health insurance in PA that covers pre-existing conditions?

I just moved currently, from where my previous employer covered my insurance, now that I have moved, I need a insurance policy that covers immediately as I’m trying to figure out what is wrong. Please help.

Sarah Fields answers:

There’s not really such a thing as insurance for pre-existing conditions, but the good news is that it’s much easier to find help these days. Your best chance is to join a group health plan, such as one you get through work. If you were under a group health plan, you should be protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in this circumstance. Under HIPPA, you should be able to credit the time you were covered under the old group plan against the waiting period of the new group plan – as long as you haven’t gone more than 63 days without coverage. Call your old health plan and get them to send you your certificate of creditable coverage. You might also want to call the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance (link below).

If you haven’t been treated for your condition, you may not have as much difficulty finding affordable health insurance as you might think. Even if something is wrong, your health problem may not be one of the conditions that they exclude coverage for at the beginning of a health plan.

You might also try support organizations for your condition. Needy Meds (link below) is a clearinghouse for such organizations.

If you can’t find employment with group health insurance, then your best bet is to talk with Pennsylvania-licensed health insurance agents. Talk with more than one because that will give you a better perspective on your choices. It also encourages a little healthy competition for your business. Check out I work there and their system is simple. You fill out a short form and review online quotes from health plans in your area. Then, within two days, locally licensed agents contact you to talk about your health care needs and what you’d like to pay for insurance. You just wait until one of the agents delivers a health plan you like. There’s no cost or obligation to buy insurance, and your personal information is used only to match you with local health plans and agents.

You can find MostChoice here:

Hope this helps,

Barnes @ MostChoice

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