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Health Insurance Quotes Pa Question & Answers

2014 March 2
by Sarah Fields

David asks…

What is the term life insurance for someone 50 years old?

Looking for about $300k for 20 years. — Thanks.
Should be –> What is the ‘best’ term life insurance for someone 50 years old?
Financial Answer Guy –

Male – 50 – Never Smoked – Excellent Health – Pittsburgh, PA

Can I ask who (what company) has the $56 per month policy?

Thanks for all the answers so far……
Financial Answer Guy – Is there an email address I can reach you at?


Sarah Fields answers:

You are missing alot of information necessary to give you an accurate quote. Premiums are based on age, sex, smoking status, health and state of residence. State of residence is indirectly involved in that insurance products are available on a state by state basis.

For example, the best available non-smoker rates for a 50 year old male in Pennsylvania for a $300,000 20 year level term policy are $56 per month.

Be very careful when getting quotes. Often in an effort to close a sale an insurance salesman (or website) will quote a 20 year level term product that only has a 10 year premium guarantee, or they might quote you a rating class (preferred best, preferred, etc…) that they know you have little chance of qualifying for in an effort to appear cheaper than their competition.

Find a financial planner in your area that specializes in insurances to help you. Avoid captive life insurance salespeople and run away from anyone uses a “multiple of salary” approach to determining your need for coverage. If you happen to be in the greater Philadelphia area, let me know.

Actually the top five companies that I deal with all came up at $56 -$58 per month. Check into First Colony, Reliastar(ING), Banner, American General or Lincoln. Remember, the premium rates I mentioned represent the best possible underwriting class from these companies. You will need to pass health underwriting with flying colors to qualify.

Hey, do what you can to keep the Pens in the Burgh. Let me know if you need any further help with this.{the insurance, that is} I am licensed in PA.

Richard asks…

How will new health bill affect me?

So for me to go to college, i’m moving in with my dad who lives in maryland and i currently live in PA. when i move i will no longer be on my step dads health insurance, which, if i stayed would continue to cover me. I was going to go onto my dads but the family plan only covers minors. How much is it going to cost me to pay for my own health insurance? and what do u think would be the best way for me to go (company wise)?

Sarah Fields answers:

While you’re in college, check out some government classes. Bills won’t affect anyone. They aren’t laws.

If you’re a full time student, whichever parent claims you as a dependent on their taxes, can STILL cover you on their insurance.

As to how much it would cost – you’ll have to talk to a local agent and get some quotes.

Robert asks…

Advice on travelling in the USA using expired passport but with valid US visa?

Hi everyone. I intend to the travel in the US this year. I am a naturalized New Zealand citizen but was born in the Philippines.

My old Philippine passport is EXPIRED but it has my US visa valid through 2018. I prefer to use my Philippine passport because it gives 6 months stay with visa while with the Visa Waiver Program (for Kiwis), it only gives 3 months.

I wonder if I could travel to the United States using two passports. Looks like I can’t based on this link

… to quote:
“BOTH passports (the valid and the expired one with the visa) should be from the SAME country and type”

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Sarah Fields answers:

You CAN use the valid visa in the expired passport to travel to the USA, but you have to present it with a valid passport from the same country (Philippines). If you cannot get a new Philippines passport you cannot use the visa in the expired passport to enter the USA. If that is the case you have to apply for an ESTA using your NZ passport.


Citizens of about 35 countries can travel to the USA for up to 90 days at a time as a tourist or for some business purposes by registering for ESTA > before < their trip begins. The cost is US$14, which is similar to the fee for the Australian ETA program.


Registering is accomplished online, you don't need the details of your trip, and the confirmation is valid for multiple trips to the USA over two (2) years so don't wait until the last minute.

Print the confirmation – or at least record the number – and keep the information with your passport. Having a return or onward ticket leaving North America is a requirement, so have a copy of your airline itinerary at passport control.

If you are planning a long visit then DON'T schedule your departure day for the 90th day (any part of a day in the USA counts as a whole day, so if you arrive at 23:59h on the 1st and leave at 00:01h on the 10th it is 10 days in the USA). Schedule your departure not later than the 88th day as there are no (zero) provisions in the Visa Waiver Program for someone to voluntarily extend their stay. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. Flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from using the VWP in the future.

Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you in the USA and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. The USA has wonderful medical care but it isn't free or even cheap. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance. This is a link from the US government, but the info is good for anyone traveling outside their home country:

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