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Health Insurance Quotes Pa Question & Answers

2015 June 28
by Sarah Fields

Linda asks…

Changing flight dates when travelling in USA?

Me and my friend are planning (Ideally) 3 months trip to the USA we have our visa sorted and plan to fly out around 2nd Aug. We plan to stay with friends in California (travel around there and a trip to Las Vegas) for 2 months then fly to Miami for the last few weeks then fly home. Is there specialcompany’s that will cater for this? most quotes are coming about £1400 for the flights which include swapping the dates of the flights for free. or set dates are alot cheaper at £950. However if I dont save enough money i wont be able to stay for the 3 months and maybe do a 2 or 1 month trip instead. Is there a way to get flights with changeable dates on the cheap or what is the cost to change your flight dates?

Sarah Fields answers:

You can probably get a flight TO California and home FROM Florida for less, and it’s called an “open-jaw itinerary”. They are quite normal, but best is to call the airline or go through a real travel agency to arrange it. Then just buy one-way tickets for the travel inside the USA.


Citizens of about 35 countries can travel to the USA for up to 90 days at a time as a tourist or for some business purposes by registering for ESTA > before < their trip begins. The cost is US$14, which is similar to the fee for the Australian ETA program.


Registering is accomplished online, you don't need the details of your trip, and the confirmation is valid for multiple trips to the USA over two (2) years so don't wait until the last minute.

Print the confirmation – or at least record the number – and keep the information with your passport. Having a return or onward ticket leaving North America is a requirement, so have a copy of your airline itinerary at passport control.

If you are planning a long visit then DON'T schedule your departure day for the 90th day (any part of a day in the USA counts as a whole day, so if you arrive at 23:59h on the 1st and leave at 00:01h on the 10th it is 10 days in the USA). Schedule your departure not later than the 88th day as there are no (zero) provisions in the Visa Waiver Program for someone to voluntarily extend their stay. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. Flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from using the VWP in the future.

Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you in the USA and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. The USA has wonderful medical care but it isn't free or even cheap. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don't have medical insurance. This is a link from the US government, but the info is good for anyone traveling outside their home country:

Lisa asks…

I was having an aetna individual health care account in PA. Now I moved to MN.They say they dont have service?

what should I do now… Do I need to cancel aetna and go for BCBS or something else to hold insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Most health insurance plans have a limited service area and it’s not always possible to move to a different state and retain the same level of coverage. If your current health insurance company does not have a network of health care providers in MN, you should consider purchasing a new health insurance plan.

I would suggest you contact a licensed health insurance agent to help you understand your options. An agent that represents multiple insurers in your area can help you find the best match for your needs and budget, and it doesn’t cost anything extra to work through an agent. You can find a licensed agent online or locally. An online agency can show you a selection of quotes, help you compare plans, and apply for coverage. You may be able to read customer reviews as well.

Even though it’s of limited use to you right now, do not cancel your existing policy until you have been informed by the new insurance company that your application has been approved. Your old plan may still provide you with some emergency coverage, and it’s important not to go uninsured.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

Richard asks…

Car Insurance what does Personal Accident mean exactly. Do you really need it as an additional feature?

heaven help us I`m in charge of renewing policy. I don`t understand this Pa bit. Can any one advise also we have 7 or 8 years no claims does that make a difference as we have been quoted for 5 years.
Thanks Mr K A so we don`t really need that
thanks Firebob
Thanks Party g I was trying to speak to them and was cut off so I was angry and asked for advice on here.
oh no you`re not Bear

Sarah Fields answers:

It pays a lump sum if you die or lose a limb as the result of an accident. Some also pay an income if you are disabled through accident. It only covers the policyholder, not passengers. You need to decide whether it’s worth paying for a policy that pays out for accidental death or disability but not in the much more likely event that it’s caused by sickness.

If your dependants need a lump sum if you die, buy a life assurance policy. If you need an income if you are disabled, get some Permanent Health Insurance.

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