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Health Insurance Quotes Question & Answers

2015 November 29
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

Does getting a Health Insurance quote run your credit?

I wanted to know if getting a quote from a health insurance provider (not through a job) runs a credit check?
I never actually filled out the application, but I answered some questions to get quotes.
Thank you!
And I’m not asking if my credit is going to effect my premiums. I’m asking if they run your credit when getting quotes or applying for health insurance.
Thank you everyone you have eased my concerns.

Sarah Fields answers:

Health insurance premiums are not based on credit.

Mary asks…

Where is a good place to get an Ohio Health Insurance Quote?

I just moved to Ohio and I need health insurance. I used to Live in Florida and I had Humana but that seems expensive here. Where shoudl I get health insurance in Ohio.

Sarah Fields answers:

There are many good health insurance companies in Ohio. I think United Healthcare and Aetna are the most popular. You can look at all the plans at If you work with there agents you can have someone help you and there is no broker fee or now application fee. Anthem is a good carrier too but I think they are exspensive and I think United Healthcare offers more affordable health insurance for Ohio.

Donna asks…

where can i get a health insurance quote?

are there any sites for oklahoma health and life insurance quotes?

Sarah Fields answers:

Well, none of them will be STICKING quotes, over the internet, without massive personal information being given first.

So you’re best off just buying through a local agent.

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