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Health Insurance Quotes Question & Answers

2014 January 10
by Sarah Fields

Mark asks…

Where can I get a free health insurance online quote?

Hi Everyone- This is my first time on Yahoo Answers! I’m looking for a place where I can get an online free health insurance quote. I’m always skeptical everything out there is a scam. Thanks for your help!

Sarah Fields answers:

There are many places to get an on-line quote. Here is another: and I’m sure if you do an internet search you’ll find many more.

You can get an idea of costs on-line, but there are hundreds of plans available and how do you know if you’ve choosen the best one for your situation? It’ll take you several days to intelligently compare all the plans available. Also, if you have any pre-existing conditions that might add a rider to the policy, cause you to be declined, or if you are out of the height and weight guidelines you won’t know until you’ve applied and gone through the underwriting process which is a big waste of time. You should contact a local independent agent who can work with you to find the best policy and will weed out the plans that won’t accept you because of any health condition or will not cover you to your expectations. The plans and premiums are no different using an agent.

Maria asks…

Where do you get long term health care insurance quotes?

Where do people get long term care health insurance quotes? I’ve come across many websites but was wondering if anyone has had any particularly good experiences. I did come across which appears to compare various health care providers.

Sarah Fields answers:

Online is your best bet

Carol asks…

Where can i get a good health insurance coverage plan for my dog?

my dog is growing old and has arthritis, bad stomach, and various health problems. He is 12 year old and now needs lot of vet treatment. But vet bills will be big and i need to find dog health insurance quotes. Where do i find it from?

Sarah Fields answers:

Obama’s dog, Bo, is rumored to be working on “Bo Care”. It’s a $900 billion piece of legislation and all you have to do to see what’s in it is pass it.
BTW, according to one source “If the entire world eliminated dogs, the total output of greenhouse gases would be reduced by 1.8%.” Keep an eye out for environmental extremists…

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