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Health Insurance Quotes Question & Answers

2014 March 17
by Sarah Fields

Daniel asks…

Where to find a Company for Affordable Individual Health Insurance Quote?

I know there are many places, but please fell free to recommend me affordable individual health insurance quote

Sarah Fields answers:

First I want to tell you that it is very important to have health insurance, because if you’ll have to go to hospital you’ll have to pay around $20,000.I can’t tell you which is the best, but i know a company that offer me big discount.You can try them.They are great.


Sharon asks…

Indiana health insurance for my unborn child?

I am having a baby in May and I am trying to find health insurance quotes but everywhere I look, they want more information than I have (again the baby isn’t even born yet). How can I find health insurance quotes for my baby?

If it matters, I live in Indiana.

Sarah Fields answers:

Try this site

In this site you can get quotes from different companies in Indiana, I hope it helps.

Richard asks…

Where to get Individual Health Insurance Quotes online?

Whats a good site for cheap health insurance quotes?

Sarah Fields answers:

This is a great site for quotes

You can compare plans from a bunch of companies..

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