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Health Insurance San Diego Ca Question & Answers

2015 September 27
by Sarah Fields

Robert asks…


me and my friend want to get emancipated when we turn 16. were about to turn 15 in august and were in the foster care system. and we know we can take care of ourselves. is it possible we can get emancipated when were 16????

Sarah Fields answers:

Yes, you can get emancipated.

But there’s a few catches:

You need a job.
You need a place to live.
You need to get your license before becoming emancipated, because if you don’t, you’ll have to wait until you’re at LEAST 18 to get your lisc. And you’re going to need it!

Make a budget for rent, groceries, clothes, car repairs, savings for college/future children/etc., accidents, health insurance, taxes, etc.

Get a job. Start part-time, due to your age. Now think: Can you work double this in a week while going to school and buying groceries and taking care of an apartment/house all on your own?

Check the law in your area.


Talk to whoever has “custody” or is taking care of you right now.

Discuss these realities with other adults that you trust. Ask how much their rent, taxes, car insurance, gas for your car, health insurance, groceries, etc. Is a month. Ask how much they make a month (after taxes are taken out) and how much they are able to save.

I graduated a year early and left home two months after turning 17.

I got a job. I worked 40 to 45 hours a week, at 8$/hr. I usually made 360$ a week, before taxes. After taxes were taken out, I made 280$ a week. That means, 1,120$ a month.

I had car insurance: 150$ a month.
I bought about 100$ a month worth of groceries, because I don’t eat a lot and bought in bulk or got food from food pantries and churches.
My rent, which was considered dirt cheap, was 610$ a month, which included UTILITIES!

I was lucky.

That, right there, is 860$ a month. I had 260 left for car repairs, other repairs, clothes, gas for my car, etc.

I couldn’t afford health insurance and I skipped out on eating a lot. I wanted to save as much as I could. I never had new clothes, though I didn’t mind. I shopped at Thrift Stores and got food donated to me. My car needed a lot of repairs, so most of my money went to that. Or the time I got a UTI every month for 6 months and had to buy 90$ prescriptions each time. One time I had a severe kidney infection, the medicine was going to cost over 150$ and I had barely 50$ in my bank account. I had to wait and save up and watch my body get worse and worse. Being in pain and trying to work as much as I could to get my medicine to get better so I could work more and work harder was horrible for my body, my health, my mental state.


William asks…

Homesick for CA?

We just moved from Escondido, CA North of San Diego, to Concord North Carolina. I am miserable, we took a pay cut and the health insurance and auto registration is more here if you can believe that!!! What should I do? I want to go back West, not necessarily CA but West!!

Sarah Fields answers:

If you really miss it so much, I suggest you just move back. If you aren’t happy at all where you are now and your homesickness is affecting your work life and your home life, you should probably make arrangements to move back to the place you lived before.


Charles asks…

Would I be able to get my mental health medications refilled at the ER?

Hey all,

I have Schizo-affective Bipolar-type disorder with severe social anxiety disorder, and was wondering if I would be able to get my medication refilled at the local ER. I currently live in San Diego, CA (La Mesa area).

The meds I take:
Invega 6MG
Celexa 40MG
Lamictal 100MG

I’m on Medi-Cal an am aware that I may not be able to get my Invega refilled (I just moved here from Ohio). So, I will most likely have to take the generic substitution called Risperdal.

Since I moved from Ohio to California, I haven’t had the time to get a new psychiatrist (my old one wouldn’t fill my meds for more than a month at a time, and the clinic’s policies stated that I had to come in person to request a refill).

Would I be able to get a month’s supply of my medication while I search for a new psychiatrist? It is imperative that I receive my meds ASAP (I’m only lucid for a week once I’m off my meds) and lack of Lamictal can literally kill me from the shock (almost like Lithium withdraws).

So, could anyone tell me where I can get my meds refilled as quickly as possible in the La Mesa area of San Diego?

Thank you very much in advanced, and I greatly appreciate any help/insight one could give me since I’m new to the area and would like to stay out of the loony bin! :P

Sarah Fields answers:

If you don’t get any good answers, check out the yellow pages for the crisis line, and call that for a referral. In my state of MN, the crisis line is not just for people driven to suicide, it is also for mental health crises, which running out of meds is a crisis.

Just in case, if you don’t get immediate results, I would recommend tapering on your lamictal somewhat, to stretch it and prevent withdrawal at the same time. Lamictal isn’t even a very effective bipolar medication – google lamictal selective publication for more on that topic.

I used to live in CA and my husband was disabled and MediCal sucked. Nobody took it, which is a disaster when you have severe mental or physical problems. When I lived in CA, there wasn’t parity for mental health either, so I ended up with no inpatient psychiatric care under my company insurance policy. I hope things are better there now – MediCal was almost like having no insurance at all. My husband was lucky that he was able to keep the same doctor for decades, so that doc would still see him as reimbursements declined.

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