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Health Insurance San Diego Ca Question & Answers

2015 December 24
by Sarah Fields

George asks…

who is SBC California’s Workers Comp group?

Sarah Fields answers:

The members of the California Workers Comp Taskforce are:
California Workers’ Comp Task Force
Aigner, Dennis Dean UC Santa Barbara
Don Bren School North Santa Barbara, CA
Bacchi, Charlie CA St. Chamber of Commerce Sacramento, CA
Baker, Christine Executive Officer Commission on Health & Safety & Workers’ Comp San Francisco, CA
Casas, John President JT2 Integrated Resources Irvine, CA
Dickerson, Sandra CEO Your People Professionals Santa Maria, CA
Drobot, Mike President West Coast Surgery Center Long Beach, CA
Elphick, Enita Unity Forest Products Yuba City, CA
Gerlach, Mark Sutter Creek, CA
Hague, Scott San Francisco, CA
Hall, Earl Chairman Hall Management Corp. Et al Kerman, CA
Hein, Gene Director of Safety & Health E & J Gallo Winery Modesto, CA
Ikeda, Gladys Stockton, CA
Martin, Larry E & J Gallo Winery Modesto, CA
Noonan, Tim President Lockton Insurance Brokers Los Angeles, CA
Parisi, Joe President Therma San Jose, CA
Pearlman, Barry Attorney Pearlman, Borska & Wax Ventura, CA
Rankin, Tom President California Labor Federation Sacramento, CA
Roxborough, Nick Attorney Roxborough, Pomerance & Nye Los Angeles, CA
Shor, Glen Director of Policy Div. Of Workers’ Comp. San Francisco, CA
Soll, Ray President HR Staffing Torrance, CA
Sweet, Cliff Attorney Heggeness & Sweet APC San Diego, CA
Tsanopoulos, Judie Manager-Workers’ Comp St. Joseph Health System Orange, CA
Van Der Heyden, Lucille San Gabriel, CA
White, Larry DDI San Francisco, CA
Wooley, Rick President CAAA Pomona, CA
Zaremberg, Allan CA St. Chambers of Commerce N/A

Linda asks…

Respiratory Therapy/travel companies?

My girlfriend and I are both RT’s looking to travel next year and we were wondering about different travel companies that anyone recommends. Specifically we are looking at San Diego and I’m curious if any companies offer health insurance.

Sarah Fields answers:

Hi! I’ve been a traveler RT for a year now. I do suggest going with multiple companies. Once you find one you like it’s always nice (and easier) to stay with them but sometimes that company just doesn’t have available positions. Especially for two therapists. I am with Cross Country Trav Corps, Aureus Medical, Comphealth and American Traveler. I’ve only had assignments with CCTC but recently I’ve been “branching out” due to a lack of jobs nationwide. All of those companies give free medical insurance, 401k, travel reimbursement, etc. San Diego always seems to have assignments posted. California in general. I don’t know where you are from but keep in mind that the CA license takes quite a while to complete and is very expensive (some companies pay for the licensure up front – others reimburse). Hopefully this helps – if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Ruth asks…

Military boyfriend…help?

My boyfriend is planning on going into the marine corps fairly soon. I’m not sure what the marines is about, what they do, what they’re involved with, and, since we’re planning on being married by then, special benefits of being a military wife. It would be VERY helpful if someone with knowledge or personal experience could tell me a little information about the marines and what to expect. Thank you!

Sarah Fields answers:

Marines have two boot camps,

A) Parris Island SC
B) MCRD San Diego CA

If you live West of the Mississippi River you go to Cali and East of it you go to South Carolina. All females go to Parris Island regardless.

The USMC are amphibous infantry, that means they hop out of landing craft and storm the beaches. They are deployed several months at a time in Marine Amphibous Ready Groups called an ARG for short. They are stationed on large landing dock ships LSD or landing helicopter ships LHS. The Navy runs the ships and carts them around the world. An at sea deployment is about 6 months. If they get deployed on the ground like in Iraq or Afghanistan it can run them over a year. Marines are gone for long periods of time. They also have one of the longest A schools which is where you go after bootcamp.

Some of the benefits you get being a military spouse,

A) shop at the commisary = tax free
B) TRICARE = military health insurance
C) Housing stipened
D) COLA Cost of living allowance = if stationed abroad
E) Fannie May loan gaurantee
F) Car loan gaurantee
G) deferred tax payment

Just spend some time looking through it….


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