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Health Insurance San Diego Ca Question & Answers

2016 January 4
by Sarah Fields

Joseph asks…

My grandma needs insurance and only has $1,000 a month budget. What should she do?

My mother use to pay for her insurance but she decided she didnt want to pay for her any more even though it was her idea in the first place. My grandmother is 78 and a diabetic so its very important for her to be insured. She only gets $1,000 a month from her pension. I dont want her just to have an insurance that is low monthly but when she actually gets her prescriptions and goes to the hospital for what ever reason its going to cost her alot. She lives in San Diego, CA I dont know if theres any special programs for that area. Thank you

Sarah Fields answers:


Try this link to the U.S. Department of health and human services

Mandy asks…

workmens comp for non profit orgs employees?

Ok my mom is a store manager at salvation army in san diego,ca she was hurt really bad on the job today messed up her back she is 54 yrs old..She has been told she can’t get workers comp because her benefits have not kicked in and wont kick in for another 45 days? She scared she will lose her job so she hasnt done anything..My dad also worked for them for the past 15 yrs and was laid off last year he was told he cant get unemployment cause they are a non profit org? I really need some info my parents aren’t young and I am in nashville,tn so need some solid advice please no jokes really don’t want anything to happen to either of them

Sarah Fields answers:

Benefits have nothing to do with workers compensation. Whether she worked there 3 hours or 3 years, if she was injured on the job they MUST provide medical care. If it is a paid job, regardless of it’s non-profit status then I assume ( not %100) that if they have employees they have to carry workers insurance.

The first thing she needs to do is fill out an accident form with her work, see their doctor, and she needs to find a lawyer.

I am also assuming that by benefits, you mean personal health insurance, which again is a separate entity from the businesses workman’s compensation insurance.

Jenny asks…

how do i deal with this recent ‘ intense ‘ fear?

im 31 have ocd , BPD and agoraphobia and PTSD……….i struggle daily with panic, worry anxiety, obsessively.

im not getting right help or therapy and are having to battle for it…..the mental health services have failed me so far….. because they are bstrds !

anyhow i have lived in my own apartment now for 5 years on disability, doing well managing my symptoms , controlling the rage, and anxiety and depressions.

i dont own many possessions except an old a custom made computer.

my apartment block has 4 floors , i live on the 3rd, it is not high rise or very tall apartment block.

but im nicely high up for privacy etc, although the area can get noisy which aggrevates my anxiety.

im still a distance from the ground though in my apartment, but not that high.

months ago in the uk, where iam, there was a slight earth tremor, the first one ive experienced ever – however , the whole apartment block ” wobbled and swayed ” a little bit.

now my anxiety and worry has moved to the obsessive worry – ” what if theres a bigger earth quake in the uk, and my whole apartment block colapses…….and im killed , seriously permenantly hurt……and i LOSE everything ?? ……what little possessions i have ? ”

i imagine id fall someway from my apartment, even though im not that high up..

because of my situation i cant just afford to fullfill my goal of moving to a quiet coastal village house , with quiet older folk…….all though thats my ultimate goal…

how can i manage this obsessive worry of another bigger earth tremor in the uk……my apartment colpasing and me losing everything ?

please someone help


( clenched teeth )

i will not give in asking this question until i get a good answer
so far nobody has answered the question except slightly ryan, so i downflagged other irrelevant answers.
wow ! artistwithin thankyou, thankgod just what i wanted , godbless !

Sarah Fields answers:

Your odds of dieing in an earthquake are 125,655 to 1. If you are that “lucky” that you would be that 1 our of 125,655, you had better play the lottery.

As an added relief here, I have been in three earthquakes (San Diego CA, Ardsley, NY and Tarrytown, NY). I was not injured and nothing I owned was damaged or destroyed in any one of them. The chances of an earthquake that will do a lot of damage lies in other areas of the world (particularly California) than the UK. And as you can see,….I have already been in one in California that measured 6.2 on the richter scale and it did nothing but make the building sway a little. (quite fun actually).

Last but not least, buildings are stronger than you think. Insurance companies insist they be built that way so they don’t have to pay off the damages.

You have nothing to fear……and are wasting your time on pointless worries when you could be working on plans to get to that coastal village.

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