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Health Insurance San Diego Ca Question & Answers

2014 February 22
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

California Law, Same Sex Domestic Partners, Insurance Benefits?

I am from CA and my employer is a CALIFORNIA registered corporation. Are they required to offer medical coverage for same sex domestic partners ?

They DO offer insurance, however the insurance they offer is from UT who does not permit it. When i tried to add my domestic partner to my insurance, i was denied. The insurance is from UT because 80% of our company is located there, however they’ve chosen to keep HQ in San Diego.
Well what i wanted to know is if there is any law to the employer not the insurance carrier

Sarah Fields answers:

The California Insurance Equality Act provides additional benefits to the registered domestic partners of employees in California and imposes additional benefit requirements on insurance companies. The law requires all health care service plans and health insurance policies, as well as all other insurance policies regulated by the California Department of Insurance, to provide benefits to registered domestic partners of employees equal to the benefits that are offered to spouses of employees.

In other words, if the insurance company is not located in California (and thus not under the regulation of the CDI), they don’t have to offer it.

Mandy asks…

how much does life really cost?

I mean about how much money do you need to be making a year to support yourself.
rent,food,bills(i want ot live somewhere close to NY or CA.
Then what if you have a child.
so yes i’m a teen i want to move out and wondering
how much does life really cost?

Sarah Fields answers:

For you to judge my answer, you need to know a little about me. I am in my 40’s, married, kids, live in suburbs … I made a list of typical expenses and estimated the cost of those items based on pretty middle-of-the-road costs. You said you wanted to live in NY or CA (I would recommend CA for long term, NY for short term) so for example I assumed $1,500 for rent, which actually assumes you will have a roommate or live in a shoebox apartment if in NY. I assume same is true for CA in many places esp. San Fran, LA, North Hollywood, San Diego … It depends on what quality of life you want.

Without going into details the estimate comes to about $50,000 a year or about $25 per hour. That may sound like a lot to you now, and yes a lot of people live on less. But it’s a conservative estimate if you want to live in a half-decent apt, drive a relatively cheap car, eat out occasionally and go out occasionally, buy some clothes and shoes occasionally, get a mani/pedi occasionally, etc. Yes, you can probably get your dates or boyfriends to pick up some of those expenses, but don’t count on it. Oh and this includes some savings too (about $700 a month or $8,400 a year, again a nice amount but not gonna make you rich. And that has to cover short-term needs and retirement savings, or you’ll have to make even more money.)

So if you are a teen, give that some consideration. If your parents are helpful, responsible and caring, talk to them about your goals. If they are not, use your own brains and street smarts (plus a pencil, paper, your list of “stuff” that you would need, like rent, utilities, cell phone, car, car insurance, health insurance, food, eat out, entertainment, etc.), your own estimates of those expenses and what you can live with, and add it all up. And maybe consider going to college. And try to meet somebody who is a good person and who has or wants a good education, to help you live a good life. By the way that doesn’t mean living the life of corporate America and having a house with a picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog … That’s not heaven either. :-)

Well I prolly sound like an old geezer, but you asked. Good luck!

P.s. If you want to live GOOD in NY or CA (big city like LA), you need to make (independently or with a spouse) about $200,00 MINIMUM … Again, it may sound crazy, but it’s actually conservative. There are a lot of people that make a lot more than that.

Jenny asks…

anyone know how i can get started on getting my Massage Tech license? (in san diego, CA) VIA: HEALTH DEPT?

I need any info on this, whats this about having to go thru the Health Dept?

Sarah Fields answers:

I can help you with this…

Every state is different in regards to the rules for getting your maggage therapy license. You should first contact the State Health Dept to find out the application process and rules. Then, you should look into finding a reputable massage therapy school. Don’t just try to find the school that is the cheapest or that claims to get you certified in a short amount of time. Find a school (and I am sure San Diego has many) that offers brief business classes as well as the classes you need to be a massage therapist. Also, look into insurance for yourself…most employers dont offer it (maybe it is diff in CA). My massage therpaist overworker herself (10-12 sessions a day) and had to have surgery and she didnt have insurance. So, a school that offers classes like that will help you in the long run. Be prepared to pay a few bucks too. Hope this helps…good luck!

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