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Health Insurance San Diego Ca Question & Answers

2014 March 31
by Sarah Fields

Maria asks…

Health Insurance Help Please?

My mom is 50 and she has no insurance and well she wont be getting any younger and I’m worried about her. I have no idea how health insurance works. So, can someone please give me a brief explanation of how it works, what are the best health insurance companies and how much they would cost in southern California.
San Diego, CA.
Thank you very much for any answers.

Sarah Fields answers:

If she currently has no source of income, you may want to go to the local state welfare office with her to apply for state insurance- MediCal. You could also enroll her in a program that will subsidize her with a monthly spending and food stamps at the state office. Do this prior to enrolling her in any other insurance. After that, if you have a employer sponsored plan and you claim her as a dependent on your taxes, you can buy through your employer. If not, you can always look around at private HMO’s and PPO’s. The HMO’s are ok, if you frequent doctors a lot because of pre-existing conditions and meds. If you don’t go to the doctor’s that often, the PPO’s would be better. If cost is an issue, look for the lower priced plans customed tailored to best suit her needs.

Sandy asks…

Music Producers in San Diego?

hi everyone i need a good music producer in san diego, CA. i need a music producer that will do my songs for free in return for fame because i’ve already gone to LA a couple of times and i work for an Acting/Singing/Modeling company. email me for details.

Sarah Fields answers:

Do you have anything I can listen to first? Without hearing you I’m not sure if I can work with you or not. Also, who are your connections and why are you so confident you can make it big? And WHEN do you plan on making it big….

I’m a 23 year old health insurance agent/Network Admin/music producer…I’m smart..have skills…can write…and sing melodies for you, of course so you can sing them in your Talent Voice…I know what the hell I’m doing…so if you want real music..let me know…good music is my music-Fuck a genre…- I-Am-C…

William asks…

where can i sell cupcakes?

I’m trying to sell cupcakes, i have some experience baking cupcakes and i’m trying to start my business can some one help me with ideas. Where can i post an ad? i live in san diego ca, Thank You

Sarah Fields answers:

You’ve got to be licensed to sell food from your home kitchen. Some states do not allow it at all. Health departments are known for trolling the ads on craigslist and ticketing home bakers. Some bakeries will also go through the ads on craigslist and turn the home bakers in to the health department, because they don’t want the competition. If you’re going to sell cupcakes illegally (isn’t it funny to think of cake bakers as lawbreakers? But that’s the way it is) then the best way to do it is by sticking to friends and family. Don’t build a website and don’t hand out business cards, those are other surefire ways to get busted.

The other thing about having an unlicensed bakery is that you can’t carry liability insurance to protect you from lawsuits in case one of your customers gets sick.

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